Lobbying disclosure reporting

To facilitate reporting for federal lobbying activities, the MU Office of Research has developed on online reporting tool available at https://ecompliance.missouri.edu/forms/10045-lobbying-activity-report/documents/new. 

Please bookmark this web address and utilize this system to report your lobbying activities. We would appreciate distribution of this link to anyone in your units who conducts lobbying activities or may need to be aware of this change to the reporting process. If you or your staff have any questions about submitting reports, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer May (573-882-3841, mayj@missouri.edu) in the Office of Research for assistance.

This report is in support of our requirements under the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007. This law requires us to make a good faith effort to report our federal lobbying expenses. To ensure compliance with these rules, it is critical that you:

  • Coordinate with Janet Sapp in the University of Missouri’s Government Relations Office before making contact with federal appointed or elected officials. Janet’s contact information is as follows: 573-882-2726, sappje@umsystem.edu. If you have questions about what constitutes lobbying, Janet can assist with finding answers to those questions as well.
  • Report all contacts while in your university capacity with 1) members of Congress, their staffs or employees, or 2) high-ranking employees of federal agencies (i.e., anyone other than your program officer).
  • While in Washington, D.C., on business related to professional/scientific organizations or associations, stick with the association/organization message and do not mix in University of Missouri-specific business.
  • If conducting university business contacts while on professional/scientific organization business trips in Washington D.C., report the contact as well as all funds expended on behalf of such contacts (including travel and trip expenses).
  • Do Not provide gifts to members of Congress, their staffs or employees, or employees of federal agencies.
  • Do Not utilize non-state sources of funds (such as agency or foundation funds, restricted funds, funds held for third parties, etc.) to pay for expenses related to contacts with members of Congress, their staffs or employees, or with federal agencies.

 As always, expressing your personal interests to your elected officials is of the utmost importance. However, university messages concerning federal funding need to be closely coordinated to ensure consistency.