Grants and contracts

University of Missouri Extension works with public and private agencies and organizations to develop and administer educational initiatives that address specific needs and common goals through grants and contracts. These agencies and organizations share University of Missouri Extension's goal of improving the quality of life for the people of Missouri.

The grants listed below may cover more than a year. The budget figures are the total amount awarded to that grant to date.

Click on the program name for a detailed report by program area, or you can view:

Agriculture and Natural Resources —  $3,162,382

  • Missouri AgrAbility Program
  • Validate, Improve and Regionalize Phosphorus Indices to Reduce P Loss Across the Heartland Region
  • Translational Genomics for Improving Sow Reproductive Longevity
  • Our Missouri Waters, Spring River Watershed Management
  • Strategic Alliance Agreement
  • Sustainable Agriculture Professional Development Project
  • Precision Nitrogen Management
  • Using Grazing Wedges to Match Beef Cattle Nutrient Need
  • Identification and Management of Alleles Impairing Heifer Fertility While Optimizing Genetic Gain in Angus Cattle
  • Useful to Usable:  Transforming Climate Variability
  • Factors Affecting Adoption of Nutrient Management Practices
  • Extension Assistant for the Missouri Nutrient Reduction Strategy
  • Reducing Phosphorus Runoff with On-Farm Crop Response Testing
  • Useful to Usable: Transforming Climate Variability
  • Timing Irrigation Based on Wireless Measurements of Total Available Water
  • Teaching Missouri Dairy Producers to Use Margin Insurance
  • Missouri Green Fields Initiative
  • Development of Branded Educational Programs
  • Enhancing Missouri Watershed Information Network
  • Maintenance and Enhancement of the National Nutrient Manual
  • Managing Forage Production Risk with Small Scale Irrigation
  • Alternative Energy Production and Utilization on Farms
  • Saving Endangered Hog Breeds
  • The Key to Telemetry:  Knowing the Ideal Soil Moisture
  • Making Wireless Soil Moisture Monitoring a Useable Tool
  • Developing and Disseminating Local Apple Cultivars and Rootstock Recommendations for Commercial Growers, Extension Educators, and Home Gardeners for the Humid Eastern U.S.
  • National Setbacks Database


Business and Industry — $4,379,033

  • Mo Small Business Technology Development Centers
  • Mid-America Trade Adjustment Assistance Center
  • Missouri Procurement Technical Assistance Center
  • Career Options Workshops
  • FastTrac New Venture
  • University of Missouri Extension Pollution Prevention Program
  • eXtension Business Management Support
  • MoFAST
  • Take Control of Your Finances Workshops


Community Development — $1,372,114

  • Financial and Community Capacity Building Among Beginning Latino Farmers and Ranchers in Missouri and Nebraska
  • ExCEED: Extension Community Economic and Entrepreneurial
  • Consolidated Educational Analysis and Support
  • Missouri Healthnet Data Project
  • Missouri State Census Data
  • Healthy Nevada Project
  • Fostering Local Food-Based Economic Development Strategy
  • Building Community Capacity in Rural Missouri
  • Kids Count

Continuing Education — $1,650,910

  • Methamphetamine Health and Safety Training
  • Adult Education and Literacy Services
  • Nurse Education, Practice and Retention
  • Fire and Arson Investigation
  • OHS Training 2012
  • Emergency Responder Training
  • FY13 NFA State Fire Training Systems Grant
  • Enhanced Leadership Development Academy
  • Emergency Field Guide for First Responder Electrical Vehicle Training Program

Human Environmental Sciences — $11,157,465

  • Family Nutrition Education Program
  • Healthy Relationship & Marriage Education Training Project
  • Building Food System Linkages - Producer to Institution
  • Direct Certification Grant
  • Voices for Food
  • Eat Smart in the Parks
  • Eat Smart Guidelines for Child Care Project
  • Preconception Health for Adolescents
  • WiseWoman Lifestyle Education Intervention
  • HomeWorks Workshops
  • Healthy Couples, Healthy Children

Youth and 4-H — $3,983,479

  • Project Liftoff
  • Missouri Afterschool Network  - DESE
  • KC 21st Century Community Learning
  • National 4-H Council Agreement
  • Missouri Afterschool Network - Mott Foundation
  • 4-H National Mentoring Program
  • Tufts 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development
  • Operation Military Kids
  • Missouri 4-H Youth Futures
  • Northwest Missouri 4-H LIFE Mentoring
  • Taking NPASS to Scale
  • Cargill 4-H SET
  • MU Extension Family Education & Reunification
  • Military 4-H Club Grants
  • MOSAC2 & Missouri Afterschool Network
  • Missouri 4-H Homegrown Community Leaders Project
  • OMK Supporting Local/Regional Support Networks
  • Second Chance in Action Community Reinforcement Approach
  • Live Healthy, Live Well

Grant and contract total   —  $25,705,383

Updated Oct. 2, 2013