Fixed assets inventory

County Extension Offices are required to maintain a list of all office equipment and furniture, known as Fixed Assets.   An Inventory of all Fixed Assets should be updated annually.

The County Program Director and County Bookkeeper, in consultation with the Extension Council, may elect to maintain a list of items manually, use Word or Excel, or may enter appropriate data into one of the following two computer programs.  Click the appropriate link below to retrieve instructions.

Microsoft Access Fixed Assets Inventory

This Access Inventory program was created and tested in consultation with a Fixed Assets Committee, comprised of Bookkeepers and CPDs.

Instructions for Fixed Assets Inventory (PDF)

First time setup

Start by making a copy of this folder to your office file server:

S:\ECRegion\Fixed Assets Inventory\Default Inventory file for Counties using Inventory for FIRST TIME.

Updating an existing database

For counties currently using an inventory file, but need to update, copy/paste from
S:\ECRegion\Fixed Assets Inventory\Default Inventory file for Counties with Exported Data

QuickBooks Fixed Assets Tracker

This QuickBooks Inventory program allows for some data entry fields.  However, additional, custom fields for staff, funding, Inventory number may be created.   Reports provide limited data sorting and do not calculate total cost.
Instructions for the Fixed Assets Tracker (PDF)