For faculty and staff

Credit Card Processing for County Offices

County extension councils have two options for accepting credit cards:

  1. Stand-alone Xon machine
  2. QuickBooks Merchant, an add-on application of the accounting software


 Information for selecting a credit card option

Before a county office may use either of the credit card options, the county must complete a selection form signed by the council chair; the link to that form is below.  In addition, each member of the county office staff who will be processing credit card transactions must complete an initial security training and sign a Cardholder Data Processing Agreement & Annual Training Form.

To sign up, contact the Extension Extension Fiscal team at 573-882-7146 or


Credit Card Security and Compliance


County Credit Card Processing Procedures Guide (DOCX)


Materials, tools and resources

 County Office Credit Card Selection Form (DOC)

 QB Credit Card Merchant Service (PDF)

Payment Templates

Credit Terminal Operations Guides


Credit Card Options Matrix for Comparison


QuickBooks Merchant - Monthly Rate

MU Credit Card Terminals (analog and wireless)

Set Up Fees



Monthly Fees


$17 – covered by MU Extension

Transaction fees:


Keyed fee rate applied to transaction amount


2.5% for all card types

Non Qualified card fee rate applied to transaction amount



*Swipe fee Rate applied to transaction amount.



Per transaction fee



Per transaction fee when Non Qualified card is used



Monthly minimum transaction fees


$5 – covered by MU Extension

Cancellation fees



Other fees:



Equipment fees

$69.95- USB card swiper

$425 - FD130 (analog phone line)

$750 - FD410 (wireless)

*These are one-time purchase costs

Phone line


Analog phone lines vary by location

Cellular data fee for FD410 is $20.00/month