For faculty and staff

Credit card processing options for county offices

County extension councils have two options for accepting credit cards:

  1. MU Off-Campus Credit Card System
  2. QuickBooks Merchant, an add-on application of the accounting software

To access the credit card applications, the county must complete a selection form signed by the council chair, faculty and staff must complete security training, sign a technology agreement and participate in training for the application of choice.

To sign up, contact Callie Glascock, 573-882-4522 or

Summary of options

Materials, tools and resources

County Office Credit Card Selection Form (DOC)

MU Off-Campus Credit Card System User's Manual (DOCX)

Questions and answers about county credit card options - review questions the committee has answered or pose new questions (updated 3/9/10)

Example of Costs Associated with Accepting Credit Cards

QB Credit Card Merchant Service (PDF)

Examples of costs associated with accepting credit cards

Credit Card - Options Matrix for Comparison

  QuickBooks Merchant MU Off-Campus Credit Card System
Set Up Fees $0 – to be waived by QuickBooks $0
Monthly Fees $14.95 – covered for one yr by MU Extension $75 – covered centrally by MU Extension
Transaction fees:    
Keyed fee rate applied to transaction amount 2.20% 2.0% (Visa,Mastercard,Discover)
2.5% (American Express)
Non Qualified card fee rate applied to transaction amount 3.54% N/A
*Swipe fee Rate applied to transaction amount. 1.64% N/A
Per transaction fee $0.27 $0.25
Per transaction fee when Non Qualified card is used $0.34 N/A
Monthly minimum transaction fees $20 $5 – covered centrally by MU Extension
Cancellation fees $0 N/A
*USB card swiper (one time purchase that lowers the rate for transactions swiped rather than data entered) $89.00 N/A