For faculty and staff

Average compensation rates for standard MU Extension Positions

  • State Specialist -- $57/hr
    • Includes Extns Professional; Extns Asoc Professional, Ext Ast Professional, Professor, Asoc Professor, Ast Professor, Extns Professor, Asoc Extns Professor, Ast Extns Professor, Ast Resrch Professor, Specialist, Asoc State Specialist, Instructor, Extns Instructor, Clinical Instructor
  • Regional Specialist -- $37/hr
    • Includes Field Specialist and Community Engagement Specialist
  • Extension Associate (campus only) -- $28/hr
  • Asoc Dir Program/Project Ops 
    • Campus -- $40/hr
    • Regional -- $36/hr
  • Program/Project Support Coordinators
    • Campus -- $33/hr
      • Includes I, II, Sr 
    • Regional -- $26/hr
  • Extension Educators
    • Campus -- $19/hr
    • Regional -- $18/hr
  • Program Associate -- $17/hr


The average hourly rates are for typical program delivery positions within University of Missouri Extension.  These averages include salary and benefits.  

As these numbers are averages across all those in the positions, the specific costs are higher for some individuals and lower for others, but in our estimation of costs for programs we are using the average costs versus the precise costs of a specific filled position to University of Missouri Extension.

Faculty and salaried positions do not work for an hourly rate of pay, but for calculation purposes the cost of the average salary paid and other costs are totaled as an annual amount and divided by total annual hours related to a standard 40 hour work week (2080) to attain an estimated hourly rate.

Last Updated 09/2018


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