For faculty and staff

Financial Access and Training

Below are the different areas of PeopleSoft and instructions explaining what to do in order to acquire or delete access for an extension employee. No form or training is required for data entry access unless specified otherwise below. For all requests, the following is needed:

  • Full employee name
  • SSOID (for instance, Joe Smith would be smithj — the first part of the employee's email address)
  • Emplid

MIS WebApps
Send an email request to Alysha Stelling specifying the different parts of MIS WebApps that will be needed. Below are examples of sections an employee may need; additional information is linked. 

  • FIN Financial Reports (Reference materials)
  • FIN Search Options
  • HR PAF
  • FIN Journal Entry (Reference materials)
    • Level 3-CE, ISE, JE, PCE, TRE
    • Level 4-CE, ISE, JE, TRE
    • Level 5-CE, ISE, JE
    • Level 6-CE, ISE, ,JE, PCE
    • Level 7-CE, ISE
    • Level 8-CE, ISE, PCE
    • Level 9-PCE
    • Level 10-CE, ISE, PCE, TRE
    • Level 11-Approval Only
    • Level 12-CE, ISE, TRE

PS Authorization
Send an email request to Alysha Stelling in order to set up employees to approve or view sensitive information at the DeptID/DeptNode level. Please include DeptID/DeptNodes in the email request.

Send an email request to Alysha Stelling. Please specify if the access will be cashier or direct deposit.  If the access is for direct deposit, please provide the deposit location number. Reference materials

Send an email request to Carol Heffner. 

ECC Cognos Reporting
Send an email request to Alysha Stelling. Reference materials

Voucher Data Entry and Vendor Requests
Send an email request to Alysha Stelling. Reference materials for both Non-PO Vouchers and Suppliers.

HR Access
Send an email to Diane Dews specifying system needs.

T&E access
Access should be automatic. If you have an issue, send an email request to UM Finance Support with a screenshot or snippet of the problem screen. Reference Materials

One Card
Complete the One Card Application and email to Alysha Stelling. Training will be required before the employee will receive their card in the mail. It typically takes up to one month after the application submission to receive the onecard.

Purchase orders/ePro (show Me Shop)
Complete the ePro Security form and mail it to Alysha Stelling. Enter the ship-to code (PDF) if one has been set up, otherwise enter the full mailing address where requested. Reference materials eProcurement and Purchasing and PO Vouchers.

Send an email request to Alysha Stelling for either data entry or view access.  Reference materials

PS Financial Query
Send an email request to Alysha StellingReference materials

Budget (Hyperion & Cognos)
Complete the Budget Security Form and email to Alysha Stelling. Although training is not initially required, it will be expected that the employee attends seasonal training. Reference materials

Contract Portal
Send an email request to Alysha Stelling specifying whether they need read-only access or access to create documents.  Reference materials

Misc PS financial training