Historical information on fee generation initiative

Rhonda Gibler, assistant vice provost-management, and Max Summers, business development program director, provide an update on fee generation.
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Rhonda Gibler
, associate vice provost, and Jo Britt-Rankin, state specialist and HES Extension associate dean, provide an update on the transition process.
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Sept. 2009: Announcement of fees standardization process (WMV)

January 2010: Video update (WMV)
Rhonda Gibler, assistant vice provost-management, and Dave Baker, agriculture and natural resources program director, discuss progress and input on MU Extension's new fee standardization and revenue generation policy. Gibler also discusses the next steps, including creation of an online credit-card payment system for county extension offices. Play video (WMV)

Transition guidelines for three-year implementaion (PDF)

Responsibility matrix by position (XSLX)

Completed May 2012 training video recording, available for review

Fee generation committee

Dave Baker, Mark Stillwell, Dean Larkin, Joy Millard, Jo Britt-Rankin, Jackie Rasumssen, Ben Gallup, Tony Delong, Jay Chism