Diversity Toolbox

Accessible information exchange: Meeting on a level playing field  — This U.S. Department of Justice publication focuses on holding meetings and providing greater access to people with disabilities. This online publication covers meeting location, room set-up, presentations of meeting content, arranging the meeting space, and providing aids, as well as suggestions for the removal of barriers. 

Inclusive reflections in lieu of public prayer

eXtension: Diversity across higher education

Strengthening programs to reach diverse audiences — University of Florida's six-part curriculum to work effectively with diverse populations

Who's Hispanic? (PDF)

African Americans A-Z (PPT)

Sereisfuertes (WMV) — An inspirational video on never giving up

Quotes (PDF)

MU Office of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity


Activities and games

Cultural adornment (PDF)

Flash judgements (PDF)

Standing poll (PDF)