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Notify the MU Extension Plan Administrator, Tamra Robbins, 209A Whitten Hall, Columbia, MO  65211, by phone at 573-882-7755, or by fax 573-882-2595  as soon as possible whenever a new county secretary is hired or re-hired; a county secretary leaves employment; a secretary's regularly scheduled work hours increases to 30 or more hours, or decreases to less than 30 hours per week, thus changing the county secretary's benefit eligibility status; and, when a secretary takes a leave of absence without pay.

In order to have a University email account, shared drive and other access, all county secretaries (bookkeepers, office managers, etc.) must have a University Courtesy Appointment.  The County Program Director or other authorized individual must request a Courtesy Appointment through the Courtesy Appointment Portal.  At the end of the request application, a New Secretary Verification Form will be generated.  It should be printed, appropriate signatures obtained and sent to the MU Extension Plan Administrator (address is on the form).

Please send all county secretary retirement checks to:

County Secretary Benefits - Plan Administrator
MU Extension
209 Whitten Hall
Columbia, MO  65211

Health care and retirement benefits are available to county office secretaries. Benefit plans are offered through employer-provided health care plans (such as Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan {MCHCP} and Nationwide Retirement Solutions {NRS}).

These benefit are the result of several years' effort by individuals, county councils, county commissions, the State Extension Council, the University of Missouri and the Missouri General Assembly.

Contact a member of the County Secretary Benefits Committee with comments, questions or concerns.


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