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County Secretary Benefits Programs

Workers' compensation

County office secretaries are covered under the University of Missouri's Workers' Compensation program. 

Workers' compensation is a benefit to employees who suffer an injury or occupational disease resulting from their work. The laws of the State of Missouri, as well as University policy and procedures, govern workers' compensation at the University of Missouri. The university contracts with a third party administrator to handle the workers' compensation claims — Corporate Claims Management, Inc. 

In order to receive Workers' Compensation benefits, a secretary must report the injury to their Supervisor immediately, and a Report of Injury (PDF) must be filed with the Leigh Hollinger, Risk and Insurance Management, within 24 hours. The MU Extension plan administrator should also be notified. All injuries should be reported whether medical treatment is received or not. 

The following are benefits a county extension secretary may be eligible for if injured while working: medical treatment (authorized), lost wages and partial or total disability. 

Workers' Compensation Benefit Overview (PDF)


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