County Secretary Benefit Programs

Health plan description

To assist in the expenditure of and to encourage county extension councils in offering health benefits, MU Extension provides financial assistance to participating councils. The financial assistance will be provided as specified below.

Calendar Year 2015

Employer-sponsored insurance
MU Extension will provide a tax-free subsidy to County Extension Councils to be used toward the employer's share of the cost of the secretary's health insurance premium (not to used toward spouse or dependent's premium, dental or vision insurance premiums).

The 2015 extension secretary health subsidy for employer-sponsored health insurance will be the lesser of the actual premium or up to $350 a month (cumulatively up to $4,200 for the calendar year).  Extension county councils must submit (for each eligible position) an Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Verification form to receive the subsidy.

MU Extension will not be providing financial support toward employer reimbursement arrangements (i.e., private (individual) health care premiums or out-of-pocket health expenses).

MU Extension County Health plan (DOCX)(detailed)


Counties should contact the health care provider (for employer-provided health insurance) of their choice for complete benefit and enrollment information.

If coverage changes occur during the year, the health care provider and MU Extension plan administrator should be notified as soon as possible about the coverage change.

MCHCP information:

  • Counties with existing MCHCP account, call 1-800-487-0771. An MCHCP representative will provide information on the plans available in your area and review the benefit summary. Provider directories can be found online at

  • Counties without an existing account, call 1-800-701-8881 to learn if MCHCP is accepting new business (writing new plans). If MCHCP is accepting new business, it is preferred that the MCHCP Application for Participation be submitted at least 30 days prior to the effective date of coverage for new accounts. However, it is recommended that a 60 day time frame be allowed for the entire enrollment process.

  • Enrollment forms should be submitted to MCHCP. Forms received in MCHCP's office prior to the 14th day of the month may be effective on the Public Entity's next bill. Forms received after the 14th day of the month will take longer to process. It may take several months before changes are reflected on MCHCP invoices. Initial invoices may include costs for several months of coverage.

  • An MCHCP Enroll/Cancel/Waive/Change form should be submitted to MCHCP as soon as possible, when a change occurs. The MU Extension plan administrator should also be notified at the same time about the coverage change.

  • Health plan providers will send identification cards within two to four weeks of enrollment. Enrollees will also receive an MCHCPid and PIN. Use these numbers when corresponding with MCHCP. Check out the available information on MCHCP's website at

Contact information

MU Extension Plan Administrator 
Tamra Robbins,
209A Whitten Hall
Columbia MO  65211
Phone: 573-882-7755
Fax: 573-882-2595

Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan
P.O. Box 104355
Jefferson City, MO  65110-4355
Operator: 573-751-8881  •   Member Services: 573-751-0771
Toll-free: 800-487-0771  •   Fax: 800-834-5181

Health Care Market Place (for small business/public entity)
Questions about SHOP Small Business Insurance:  1-800-706-7893