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County Secretary Benefits Programs

Additional contacts

Nationwide Retirement Solutions (NRS)

  • Website:

  • Direct Access by phone at 1-877-NRS-FORU (1-877-677-3678)

  • Email at

  • Fax documents and questions to 1-877-677-4329
    • If you are asking NRS a question via fax and would like an NRS representative to contact you, please include your phone number, address or email address to receive a timely response.
  • Mail
    Nationwide Retirement Solutions
    P.O. Box 182797
    Columbus, OH 43218-2797
  •  Internet services are available from the Nationwide Retirement Solutions website. Follow the instructions to "Access My Account." First-time users will be asked to sign up for a personal identification number to access account information. Individuals may use the website to access account balances and make online transactions.

Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan website

  • Website:
    • select "Public Entity Section"
    • For new business inquiries
      • Under "Public Entity Section," select "Become a Member" to see if they are accepting new business
  • Operator:  573-751-8881  •   Member Services: 573-751-0771
    Toll-free:  800-487-0771  •   Fax:  800-834-5181
  • Mail:
    Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan
    P.O. Box 104355
    Jefferson City, MO  65110-4355

MU Extension county secretary benefits plan administrator

Tamra Robbins,
MU Extension, County Secretary Benefits
209A Whitten Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: 573-882-7755
Fax: 573-882-2595