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Grants and contracts

As University of Missouri employees, CPDs are not authorized and cannot sign any contract or agreement. If the council wishes to enter into legal and binding contracts or agreements, the council must approve and the council chair must sign. The contract or agreement must list the county council as the liable party, i.e., University of Missouri Extension XXXX County.

    MU Extension Fiscal/accounting: Managing grants and contracts
        Of particular interest to CPDs:
       - Types of funding (direct, indirect)
       - County council grant applications -- who should administer?

Gifts and endowments

See the Donor education pages for explanations and tools.

Nonprofit status documents

    MU state tax exemption documents
    MU Extension federal letter for not-for-profit status of county councils and 4-H clubs (PDF)

External nonprofit resources

Nonprofits are encouraged to register with Guidestar. The process is free.  Because of the increased competition for corporate and private dollars many organizations are requesting 3rd party verification such as Guidestar. Guidestar profiles should be kept up to date. This is not an endorsement of any of their fee based services.

The place to go to learn about all things technology related for a nonprofit organization such as a council. 

TechSoup Stock
Any non-profit who would like to purchase software etc. can do so through TechSoup. It is the technology clearing house for such companies as Microsoft. Go to then click on TechSoup Stock.  The discounts are substantial. $100 software can be $15 at TechSoup Stock. The software assurance program means that if the manufacturer comes out with a newer version during your eligibility period, your organization will receive the updates for free.  Always read the guidelines before purchasing. Some companies will only allow you to purchase annually, biannually and others have offers available at any time. You will see software from many different companies. Just be sure to read the rules for each carefully and order appropriately. The year goes from June to June.

TechSoup Forums
You will notice under the tech soup discussion tab there are numerous options for technical assistance.  Your organization has the opportunity to network with other non-profits also TechSoup has monitors for each group that are tech savvy. You can see what equipment, software and offers worked or didn’t work for other non-profits. 

Grant Proposal Writing Basics

One of the best resources comes from the Foundation Center. The link is a step by step guide to putting a proposal together.

Budget information can be found at

This is not an endorsement of any of the fee based services.


Before paying for a subscription service, consider how long you will need access and how much time you will be able to devote in that time period for your search.