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CPD job description

The county program director is the first point of contact for University of Missouri Extension and Lincoln University Cooperative extension with each local extension council.  To be effective, each CPD will need to fulfill the following roles.

  1. Internal and external relationship development
    1. Mobilize local faculty, staff, and volunteers to inventory current relationships with stakeholders; assess strengths and weaknesses; work with regional faculty and volunteers to build ongoing, local relationships.
  2. Programming
    1. Provide leadership in the development of a county plan of work, including needs assessment, planning, implementing and evaluating extension programs–involving faculty and staff, clientele, extension council, advisory committees, and other citizens.
    2. Work with county council, support training for faculty, staff, and council members.
    3. Introduce new faculty to local policymakers.
  3. Resource management
    1. Represent the University of Missouri and Lincoln University to county extension councils, county commissions, and other agencies in determining fiscal needs and securing and managing resources to carry out county extension programs.
    2. Work with county council to orchestrate effort to gain support for county budget.
  4. Communication
    1. Develop annual plan for communication with key stakeholders through personal visit, phone calls, e-mail, invitations to participate in programs, recognition events and other means.
    2. Distribute annual report to key stakeholders, such as county commissioners and legislators.
    3. Interacts with clientele in a professional manner and provides educational assistance. In addition, functions in a manner that enhances and develops positive public relations and support for University of Missouri Extension, University of Missouri and Lincoln University.
    4. Cooperates with campus and off-campus staff in planning, implementing, evaluating and reporting county extension programs. Alert Director of Off-Campus Operations and Regional Director to situations needing attention.
    5. Work with county council, support training for faculty, staff, and council members.
    6. Introduce new faculty to local policymakers.

CPD Role was updated with CPD Revitalization process. Role and function survey  (2010)
Position description: County Program Director (DOC) (updated July 2011)

Evaluation tools

The performance evaluation system for regional faculty was developed from input by MU Extension employees at all levels. The primary function of the system is to provide a fair, objective basis for personnel decisions.  It also serves as an important tool for communicating expectations and providing feedback on performance between administrators and specialists/CPDs. Guidelines for the Performance Evaluation System, and tools and forms for regional specialist and CPD evaluation are on the Human resources: Performance evaluation page

Beverly Coberly,