For faculty and staff

Council operations

Suggested monthly agenda items for county councils (PDF) (updated 10/12/12)

CPD and bookkeeper dates (PDF) (updated 10/12/12)
Includes due dates for annual reports, items sent to/from the regional office

Annual reports
   Council annual report guidelines and templates

 Extension law 
        Revised Statutes of Missouri, Sections 262:550 to 262:620: County Extension Programs (PDF)




  • Need a bit more info here -- overview of running an election from CPD , blurb summarizing the stuff in the manual, including that there are ideas in it for finding nominees (Tony)
  • County Council Election Forms and Procedures
  • Election ballots
    Effective January 2012, the newly developed council information system has a ballot builder integrated into it.  This allows counties to enter their candidates, create print ballots, create an online ballot to receive votes on the county office website, enter paper ballot results, finalize elctions and updated council member information.  Detailed instructions are available on the Council membership reporting page