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County program directors provide a key function for University of Missouri Extension. They provide leadership and act as a liaison between the local county extension council, University administration and oftentimes with the county commissioners. They provide continuity from year to year as the council changes membership and lead in the overall council development process. The results of their efforts can be seen in the continued positive relationships that are maintained with the community and county commissioners, as well as with other funders and stakeholders. Their leadership in forming and maintaining a local connection is critical to the success of extension programming efforts.
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These sets of links are intended as a quick reference for county program directors, to assist you with the administrative tasks of running a county extension center.

2014 CPD Conference, June 10 - 11 in Columbia

Video recordings of presentations

Keynote speaker, Dr. John Comerford, President of Blackburn College

Dennis Gagnon. Director of MU Extension Communications and Marketing

Hank Foley, MU Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs


CPD website committee members

Tony DeLong, Mark Stewart, Wayne Prewitt, Jay Chism, Rebecca Travnichek, Wayne Dietrich
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