Webpage support

The MU Extension website is managed by the Nexus@Mizzou team. For information about your webpages, please contact Kyle Flinn, 573-882-6382, flinnk@missouri.edu, or Kyle Blomenkamp, 573-882-6496, blomenkampkj@missouri.edu.

Policies and guidelines

County council election ballot system

Council information system login screen

Documentation for using the system is linked on the main screen of the system.

Content you provide

County and regional office sites

WebTool training

Training must be completed before you will be given authoring access to the county website.

Below are video recordings of past training sessions conducted via Adobe Connect. We currently schedule training sessions for groups or individuals as requested.

You are welcome to watch and learn from the recordings and accompanying documentation. If you watch them completely, we will be glad to give you ISE credit as if you had attended an Adobe Connect session. Please email Michael Salmons after watching the recordings and we will log your credit and set up your authoring access.

Handout: WebTool content management system for website authoring (DOCX) — updated July 2014

File manager
Use the file manager in WebTool to upload documents such as PDF newlsetters, registration forms, etc. This short tutorial video will give you a refresher on using WebTool when ever you need it.  (Note that it is also linked on the Document manager screen in WebTool)
Video: Using the file manager in WebTool (WMV) (8 minutes)

Annual reports
Instructions for posting annual reports and plans of work to the county website
Video: How to post your annual report to the county website (WMV) (4 minutes)

Page sharing
This feature is designed for faculty who serve multiple counties. You can create a page of content in one county site and share it to the others you serve, so you only have to maintain the page in one place.
Detailed instructions for sharing pages

Working with images
Computers provided by ETCS come with Paint.NET and GIMP image editing software pre-installed. Paint.NET is the easier tool to use.

Integrating content from other sources

Embedding a YouTube video
 Instructions for adding a YouTube video that plays right in your page.

Embedding a Facebook activity feed
Instructions for placing a Facebook block on your page showing recent posts

Calendar events
County and regional websites display the calendar of local events on the right side of the pages. These events are managed in WebApps. Faculty can schedule their own events, or county secretaries can create events and add faculty members as "team members."  It's important to make sure calendar events contain complete information visitors need, and that they are well written and do not use acronyms.
Check your calendar events for Web display

Personal professional profiles
All MU Extension employees are listed in the faculty and staff directory. When you click your name, you will see your basic information. You can add additional information about your professional expertise and educational background. You can also add links to relevant programmatic pages.
Instructions for editing your directory information (PDF)

FrontPage, SharePoint Designer or Expression users

These tools are being phased out in favor of the content management system. This information will remain as long as there are any sites that still require these tools.

Using MS FrontPage
SharePoint and Expression users will find these instructions useful, as the procedures are almost identical in the newer applications.



  Michael Salmons, Technical and training support