County council election ballots

Example district descriptions and boundaries

Single district

If your county has only one voting district, here is the suggested text for your district fields:

District name:  Jasper County  (just make it the name of your county)

District description:  The voting district includes the entire county.

District boundaries:  County lines are the district boundaries.

Mutliple districts

If your county has more than one voting district, each district should be named in this system the same way they are named by your county election authority (i.e. District I, District II, etc. or Northern District, Southern District, etc.).

If you have a map of your county showing the voting district boundaries, you can link to it.  The map should be a JPG or PDF file and should be stored in your county website. If it is a JPG, place it in the images folder; if it is a PDF file, place it in the documents folder. You can upload it with the file manager in WebTool, or if you are still using FrontPage, drag-drop it into the appropriate folder.

Don't rely solely on a map for defining/describing your districts. People with vision impairments will not be able to see the map, so you must provide a text description.

Suggested text for your fields

District name: District I  (legal name of the district)

District description: Includes the townships of Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt.

District boundaries: The district is bounded by I-70 on the north, Highway 63 on the east, Grindstone Parkway on the south and Providence Road on the west.  <a href="" target="_blank">View the district map</a>.

Note: you must change the URL in the link to point to your map. The map will open in a new window so that the voter doesn't leave the ballot page to view the map.


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