Posting plans and reports

Note: these instructions are for using WebTool. If you are still editing your county pages with MS FrontPage, refer to these instructions for FrontPage

County annual reports, plans of work, local pride point documents and reports of community engagement (such as "Reaching Out" reports) should be posted in the county website on the page titled "Plans and reports." 

To post these in WebTool, here are the steps:

1.  Save your report or plan as a PDF file, optimized for the Web so the file is as small as possible.  DO NOT use spaces in your file name.  Separate words with hyphens or underscores.

Note where the file is saved (on your office share drive, etc.).  Also take note of the title of your document as it appears on the title page.

2.  Login to WebTool and choose your county.

3. On the toolbar, click "Specialty pages" then click "Plans and reports."

If you have previously posted a plan or report, there will be a grid showing the document names.

4.  Click "Add a plan or report"
You will see this screen:
Screenshot of the plans and reports interface

5. In the Name field, use the exact name of your document as it appears on the document I.E. if your document says "Boone County MU Extension Center Annual Report" on the first page, that is what you should put in this field. It is important that the text for the link matches the actual title of the document that the visitor will see when they open it.

6. Under URL path, click "File manager..."
the file manager will open in a pop-up window.

screenshot: file manager

Your plans and reports should be stored together in a sub-folder.   To see your subfolders, click on "Files" and the folder tree will expand.  To see the contents of a folder, click on the name of the folder. The contents will be listed in the right column. In the screenshot above, the files inside the "plansreports" folder are shown on the right.

7.  Upload your new report:  Click the green + icon next to "Upload" at the top.  Browse to find your annual report file, select it from the list and click OK.  Then click "Upload Selected File."

It may take a a few seconds or a couple minutes to upload your file, depending on the file size and your connection speed.

Once uploaded, your document will appear in the list in the right column.

8.  Double click the file name of the report you are adding.  The file manager will close and return you to the Add a plan or report screen. The URL field should now be filled in.

9.  Place a check in the box next to "Display on Web." If you don't do this, the report will not appear on your Plans and reports webpage.

10. Add a short description that will tell visitors a bit about the document.  Do not copy-paste the same description as the previous year's report.  Make it unique and truly descriptive of the document.

11.  Click save.  You can preview the page with the Preview page link at the top. (Your new report will not appear on the page until after you have saved.)

12. If you have more than one report on your list, use the Reorder link next to the new one to move it to the top of the list.  The list should be chronological, with the newest document first.


  Michael Salmons, Technical and training support
  Amanda Dahling, Editorial style and design support


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