Posting annual reports and documents to a county Web page

10/2011 NOTE: If you have converted your site to the new format using the WebTool authoring system, please refer to the WebTool instructions for posting plans and reports

Follow these instructions to post PDF file to a county webpage.
Do not use spaces in your file name. Use underscores or hyphens to separate words.

1. Log into your county website by following the instructions here.

After you have logged in....

2. Click FILE --> Import on the FrontPage menu bar, then find and select your annual report file. (It may be on your hard drive, on your office server or on the share drive.)

3. Once you have highlighted the file, click "add" to add it to the import list. Then click "OK" to import the file. You may have to wait a minute or so, depending on the size of the file, while it uploads to the server.

4. Once it has been imported, you should see your file on the file list in FrontPage. If you do not, the click File --> Refresh or F5 on your keyboard to refresh the file list.

5. Open your index.shtml file and type this text below the main graphic on the page:

2005 County Extension Council Report (PDF)

Select (highlight) this text with your mouse then click "Insert" --> "Hyperlink" from the FrontPage menu.  Be sure to highlight the (PDF) part, too.

Note: See the editorial style guide section on linking to downloadable documents for detailed instructions on linking to PDFs and other document types.

6. In the Hyperlink window, choose the file that you just imported. You should be seeing a list of files that are out on the web server, not on your local hard drive.

Once you have selected the file name (clicked on it), click OK to finish making the link.

7. Save your page. You are done.

You can download a full FrontPage 2003 tutorial in MS Word format:
FrontPage 2003 tutorial