FrontPage 2003: Inserting images

The "insert an image" icon behaves differently in FP2003 than it did in previous versions. The default has always been for a dialogue box to come up showing the files on your website for you to choose from, and if you wanted to get a file from your hard drive, you had to click the file folder icon and browse for the file.

Now, when you click the "insert picture from file" icon, the default is to show you files on your local hard drive, instead of the web site. In order to get to the image files on the website you can then click "My Network Places" then double-click the name of the site you have logged into, then look for the file you want.

Alternatively, you can just drag an image from the Folder List at the left of the editing window and drop it onto your page. This requires fewer clicks and less searching.

If the Folder List is not showing, you can toggle it on and off with the Folder List icon on the toolbar or by using Alt-F1.