Logging in to your county website with FP 2003

Below are instructions for logging in to your MU Extension website to edit pages via MS FrontPage. Please follow these instructions and login BEFORE you try to edit a page.

Technical note:
On the Internet Explorer (web browser) tool bar, you may have a button  called "Edit in MS Office FrontPage." If you are looking at your Web page and click this button, it opens your page in FP, but it does not log you in to the site. So any changes you make cannot be saved until you've logged in. It also takes this page directly from your browser cache, rather than from the server, so it breaks all the server side includes that are built into the pages. This may be more of an explanation than you needed, but the short answer is, PLEASE login using this procedure BEFORE you start editing pages.

Open MS FrontPage first -- Start -> All Programs -> MS Office -> MS FrontPage
1.  Choose File --> Open Site...

2. In the "Site name" box at the bottom of the screen, type or pate in the full URL For your web site, starting with http://
   i.e. http://extension.missouri.edu/adair/

3.  Click OPEN

4.  When prompted, use your e-mail ID and password to log in.

      NOTE:  Use your domain name AND user ID in the ID field.
      Example: um-users\doej   OR umc-users\doej        
If you work in a county office, or were previously part of the UM System (before the merger), then your domain name is UM-USERS. If you are on the Columbia campus and have always used @missouri.edu in your e-mail address, then you are in the UMC-USERS domain.  

Once you have logged into your website through FrontPage, the next time you open FrontPage the address for your site will be listed under "My network places."

IMPORTANT:  By default, FrontPage is configured so that each time you open FrontPage it will automatically log you into the last website you were working in. If you have allowed it to save your ID and password information, that will be submitted. If anyone else works at your computer, they would open FrontPage and be logged into your website. WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST THIS.

So please change your preferences in FrontPage so it does NOT automatically log you in. Here's how:

1. Click Tools -> Options
2. In the "General" tab, take the check OUT of the box next to:
   "Open last web site automatically when FrontPage starts"