County council election ballots

Example ballot narrative text

The "Ballot narrative" text appears on both the online ballot and the paper ballot, above the list of candidates.  The "Paper ballot instructions"  appears only on the paper ballot, placed at the bottom of the ballot, below the signatures.

Be sure to preview both your online and paper ballots before your election opens. Once the election is open you cannot make any changes to your ballot.

You may copy-paste from these examples to the ballot system. County specific information is highlighted in red below, but it will not be red once you paste it into the ballot system, so be sure to read it carefully and change the county-specific information.

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Ballot narrative

Example one:

The Webster County Extension Council is comprised of elected and appointed citizens who guide local MU Extension educational programming. County council members: (1) work with regional specialists to provide the county educational programs, (2) manage finances of local extension operations, (3) provide personnel to carry out extension activities, and (4) elect and organize the local extension council.

Any person aged 18 or older who resides in Webster County may cast one vote in the Webster County Extension Council election.

For any questions you may have about the election process, contact the Webster County Extension Center at 417-859-2044 or by email at <a href=''></a>. Results of the election will be available Jan. 27, 2012 on the county office home page.


Example two:

The Butler County Extension Council has seven open seats, each with a two-year term. Fourteen candidates have filed for the seven seats. 

Any person aged 18 or older who resides in Ripley County may cast one vote in the Butler County Extension Council election.

Council members are volunteers responsible for maintaining the University of Missouri Extension Center at 222 North Broadway and for planning programs with the professional and paraprofessional MU Extension staff in Butler County.

Butler County voters may select any seven of the nominees listed. If you prefer not to vote online, you may request a paper ballot and return it to the extension center or one of the ballot box locations. <a href="/butler/">See the Butler County home page</a> for details.

For more information contact the Butler County University of Missouri Extension Center at 573-686-8064.


Example three (multiple districts):

Missouri state statutes create county extension councils to work with University of Missouri Extension. The publicly elected (and appointed) council members assist in planning and carrying out extension programs in their county, providing local extension governance and representing the diversity of the county’s changing population.

University of Missouri Extension offers educational programs addressing high-priority areas like agriculture, horticulture, nutrition, consumer and family economics, business and industry, community development and youth development (4-H).

The Boone County Extension Council has four vacant seats in the Northern District and three vacant seats in the Southern District.  Seven candidates in the Northern District and six candidates in the Southern District seek positions on the council.  Those receiving the most votes will be elected to serve two-year terms.

Any person aged 18 or older who resides in Boone County may cast one vote in the Boone County Extension Council election.

Paper ballot election instructions examples

This ballot may be returned to the Ripley County Extension Center, or to one of the following businesses where a ballot box is located: Bank of Grandin, Doniphan location; Bowling Center Doniphan; Town & Country Supermarket; Harp’s Country Mart; Doniphan and Naylor Nutrition Centers; Naylor Quick Stop; People Community State Bank, Doniphan and Naylor locations; Patsy’s Daily Convenience;  and Southern Missouri Bank and Trust, Doniphan location.

Ballot boxes will be in place from Jan. 3 to Jan. 17. Voting ends Jan. 17.

You may also fax the completed ballot to the Ripley County Extension Center, 660-123-1234.

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