How to install CutePDF
(free software to convert files to PDF format)

1.  Download the following two files from the S: drive to your local hard drive:


Once you have downloaded them, you must run them. Please note that it is important to run them in the following order:

1. Double-click on CuteWriter.exe to run it first. You will be prompted to click "run."

2. After CuteWriter has completed, double-click on converter.exe to run it. You will be prompted to click "setup."

3. After both files have installed, you will need to reboot your computer before continuing.

After rebooting, here are the steps for creating a PDF document:

1. Open a Word document.

2. Click File -> Print....

3. Pull down the list of printers and you will see a new printer listed called CutePDF Writer. Select this option and click OK.

4. A new box will pop up, prompting you for a file name and location. Choose the destination folder and change the file name if necessary. Click OK.

5.  It will seem like nothing happens, but when you go look in the destination folder, you will find the PDF file has been created.

That's it! You now have a PDF. Easy peasy!