County council election ballots

Posting candidate biographies

County council election candidate bios should be posted on the county website prior to the beginning of the election period, whether you are doing an online election or paper-only.  State statute requires that the slate of candidates be finalized 30 days prior to the election start date. Most councils request a bio from candidates with their nomination acceptance.

Bios can be posted either as a PDF file, or as a Web page.

If you have more than one district, and more than four candidates per district, you may want to create a separate bio page (or PDF) for each set of candidates. Since voters can only vote for candidates in one district, they don't really need to read the bios for candidates in other districts.  It may save them some confusion, as well.  If you have separate district files, be sure to state the district at the top of the list of candidates, and how many seats will be elected.

Posting as a PDF

Start with the letterhead template for your county office, so that the final document will have the logo, county office contact information and the ADA statement on it.

If you do not have a letterhead template for your office, you can start with this MU Extension letterhead template (DOC).

Insert candidate bios and photos (if available for all candidates). Make sure the formatting for each entry is consistent -- font is the same size and style throughout, etc.

Save your Word document, then convert it to a PDF file.

Upload your PDF file to your county website.  It will not work to link to the file on your Q drive, share drive or personal hard drive. It MUST be uploaded to the website. If you are still using MS FrontPage to edit your county website, follow the instructions for posting your annual report (the procedure is the same).

If you use WebTool to edit your county site, use the file manager in WebTool to upload your document.

Once uploaded, you can link your biography PDF from your home page, and insert the link to it in the candidate information screen in the council ballot system.

Posting as a Web page

To post your candidate information as a Web page in the county website, start with a new page template.  In MS FrontPage, open a page template from your templates folder.  In WebTool, go to the Subpages screen and create a new page and choose the "county without calendar" template.

Paste your candidate bios into the page (right click in MS FrontPage and choose "paste text only"). Format the bio entries so that they are consistent -- same font size and style all the way down the page.


Jane Doe
Jane is a gerontology nurse at the Roosevelt County Hospital and does community outreach and patient education for older adults. She has been a 4-H leader since 2003,  and has served on the regional 4-H council for two years. She's an avid supporter of all MU Extension programming and states, "MU Extension has been a positive force in our family for more than ten years.  I hope I can contribute to the great work extension does as a member of the council."  She and her husband live on a 30-acre farm outside Dexter where they raise horses, sheep and goats.

Create an anchor in front of each person's name. In FrontPage, you place the cursor before the name, then click  Insert --> Bookmark (or Ctrl-G).

In WebTool, place your cursor in front of the name, then click "Anchor" on the toolbar (icon of a flag).

Give the bookmark a name. I suggest you use the candidate's initials (jd) it does not have to be any longer.

Do this for each candidate.

Save your page.  Note the URL of your page.

In the council ballot system, when you add your candidates, paste the URL of your page, then add to it a pound symbol and the candidate initials that you used for the anchor.


Test your links in the ballot preview to make sure they work!

Using the anchor will bring the visitor directly to that person's bio on the page.