Community Development Extension Endowment

The Community Development Extension Endowment provides support for activities that enhance community development in University of Missouri Extension, with special emphasis on professional development.

Applicants must have at least a 75 percent extension appointment, and meet the criteria in one of the following categories:

  1. Category A: State and Field Specialists with at least .25 FTE in Community Development
  2. Category B: Field Specialists wishing to enhance community development capability.
  3. Category C: Field Specialists wishing to enhance community development capability through an international experience. Preference is given to individuals with at least .25 FTE in Community Development.

Endowment funds are intended supplement the cost of participation in out-of-state professional development activities. Proposal should demonstrate high potential for enhancing capability in community development.

Emphasis will be given to proposals that add a field experience to an international professional development opportunity. For example, if the applicant is going to an international conference, endowment funds may be used to extend the stay for a field experience in the host country.

Award amount
Individuals may request up to $500 in supplemental support. However, in exceptional cases, requests for up to $1,000 will be considered.

Proposal procedure
The proposal should include name, address, phone and e-mail. The nomination should include a short statement explaining the value of the experience to the individual, the community and to University of Missouri Extension. A detailed budget, including all costs and other sources of funding, should accompany the proposal. Total length including the nominee's statement should not exceed three pages.

Proposals may be submitted any time and will be considered for support when received, contingent of availability of funds. Proposals should be submitted to:

Mary Simon Leuci,
Community Development Program Leader
232 Gentry Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211-7040
Fax: 573-882-5127

Recipients of the Community Development Extension Endowment

2013    Crystal Weber, David Burton
2012    Connie Burham, Bev Maltsberger
2011    Kathy Dothage
2010    Richard Proffer
2009    Steve Jeanetta & Wilson Majee
2008    Johanna Adams
2007    Susan Tharp, Celeste Vanderbrugen, Johanna Adams
2006    No recipients this year
2005    Sandy Hodge, BJ Eavy, Steve Jeanetta, Tish Johnson
2004    Dennis Minzes, Dean Larkin, Tom Keohan