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Working groups at Community Conversations in Warrensburg

Building Our Future Together


To better understand the needs of Missourians, Vice Chancellor Marshall Stewart traveled throughout Missouri in the fall of 2016 and talked with the people extension serves as well as faculty, staff, county councils, key stakeholders and local officials. This listening tour revealed the need for a deeper study of the issues facing Missourians.

Committed to better serve Missouri, Stewart launched a statewide needs assessment process, along with an assessment of University of Missouri Extension.

The following documents show the progression of communication efforts employed to inform internal and external stakeholders.

The assessments

The statewide assessment of Missourians' needs resulted in 42 community conversations with 1,200 people and the creation of an online data hub for researching local issues using data collected by a wide range of university and third-party resources.

The assessment of MU Extension resulted in a detailed report by TEConomy Partners, an independent research firm, as well as a set of recommendations from six external thought leaders who are considered national experts in extension and engagement practices at public, private and land-grant universities.

A group writes down their list of statewide needs

The information gleaned from these assessments will guide extension and engagement activity at the University of Missouri. Activities address a wide range of needs that can be grouped into three grand challenges for the state of Missouri.

  • Economic opportunity
  • Educational excellence
  • Healthy futures