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Pat and Tom Buchanan Endowment Professional Development Award


Pat and Tom Buchanan believe in University of Missouri Extension. They have a desire to support the organization and a goal to see regional extension specialists enhance their knowledge and skills through professional development. Because of these key reasons, they have financed an endowment to create opportunities for regional extension specialists to strengthen their abilities to provide the people of Missouri with quality extension programs.

"We felt that providing this endowment would give extension faculty members an additional opportunity to enhance their skills. It is our way of giving something back to the organization that played an important role in our lives." –Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan worked for MU Extension for 30 years, starting as a county home economist and later working as a regional textile and apparel management specialist. Pat also worked as the assistant to the director of cooperative extension and affirmative action coordinator. In 1994, she accepted a position as regional director with University of Illinois Cooperative Extension. She retired in 2002.

After 10 years as a contracting engineer in private industry, Tom Buchanan changed careers to become an extension business and industry specialist. He spent 24 years working for MU Extension and four years working with Illinois Cooperative Extension.

This award will be given each year to an MU Extension faculty member to support professional development opportunities. Because of Pat and Tom’s work with Human Environmental Sciences and Business Development, preference will be given to regional extension specialists in these areas.


Recipients receive up to $1,000 (based on actual expenses) for an approved professional development activity.


Applications will be reviewed based on the professional development plan of the individual extension specialist. Applicants must:

  • Currently be employed as a University of Missouri Extension regional faculty member.
  • Have three (3) years of consecutive employment with the University of Missouri.
  • Preference will be given to business and industry or human environmental sciences regional extension specialists.


Decisions will be based on:

  • Relationship of proposed professional development opportunity to the applicant's professional development plan.
  • Individual initiative and creativity.
  • Benefit of professional development opportunity to the individual, organization and clientele.
  • Applicant has not received award before.

Applications must be submitted prior to the professional development experience.

Nominations and selection

Back for 2018 . . . A fully electronic and simplified award process!!  Please click the link located in the submission section  to name your nominee for this award.  Nominations will open on June 1 and are accepted through July 13.  Nominators will be directed through a simple form consisting of brief text fields, drop-down selection boxes, and a single 500 character (or less) description of why your nominee is deserving of the award.  An individual award nomination involves only 7 brief fields or clicks, and a team award nomination involves only 12 fields or clicks.  Note:  Nominator name and contact information are not required fields; you may nominate anonymously or self-nominate.

After submission of the nomination form, the nominee will be contacted in early July to complete an electronic application form.  Many fields on the application form will auto-populate from the nomination information.  The nominee may edit this information and/or complete a single narrative (limit 750 characters) describing their work.  A current CV (for faculty awards) is the only requirement with no adaptation necessary to relate to the award. An easy checkbox page will allow the applicant to select the required references, with an option to list two additional references.  Applications from nominees are accepted through August 15.

Following the application submission, the references will be contacted in August to complete one checkbox and a single limited text field to support the nomination.  So simple!

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Kim Foley at (573) 882-6114 or  For award-specific questions, please email

Nominations are reviewed by the Fellowship and Awards Committee appointed by the vice chancellor for extension and engagement. The committee — composed of representatives of UMEA, Epsilon Sigma Phi, the University of Missouri campuses and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement — makes recommendations to the vice chancellor, who makes the final selection.


Click here to submit your nominations:

For award questions, please email:

Award location

Award will be presented at annual conference or its equivalent.

Award recipients


2018 Jessica Lynn Trussell
2017 Emily Marie Barbee
2016 Damaris Mumbi Karanja
2015 Patricia Louise Snodgrass
2014 Melissa M. Bess
2013 Wendeline S. Brumbaugh
2012 Kandace Lenae Fisher-McLean
2011 Kathryn Evelyn Macomber
2010 Cynthia E. Crawford
2009 Virgil W. Woolridge
2008 Glenda Iva Kinder
2007 Jacqueline Anne Rasmussen
2006 Carole Grigsby Bozworth
2005 Janet Carol LaFon