For faculty and staff

Missouri Farm Bureau Federation Outstanding Agricultural Specialist Award


The Missouri Farm Bureau Federation Outstanding Agriculture Specialist Award recognize outstanding performance by a regional agriculture faculty member. Individuals must be nominated jointly by the county Farm Bureau board and the county extension council.


A representative of the Missouri Farm Bureau Federation presents a symbol of recognition to the recipient.


Regional extension agriculturalist or agriculture subject-matter specialist who have demonstrated outstanding program delivery during the past 18 months and are nominated jointed by the county Farm Bureau board and the county extension council are eligible.  You may only receive this award once.


Nominees will be evaluated on:

  • Recognized competence in their field, and knowledge of the people of the county, its agriculture and history.
  • Demonstrated leadership and ability to help people solve problems.
  • Established identity as the agricultural extension contact, who provides prompt, accurate and satisfying assistance through effective communication, to inform people of agricultural program opportunities, plans, activities and progress.
  • Effectiveness of relationships with the county extension council, county commission, local legislators, agency personnel, general farm organizations, and community and civic groups.

Nominations and selection

Nomination materials should include the nomination form, a three- to five-page narrative that addresses the award criteria, a resume or a current vitae with focus on how it relates to the award. No more than five pages. A minimum of three letters of support are required: one must be from the nominee's supervisor, one from the local county extension council and one from the local Farm Bureau board. Additional letters of support (limit of two) may be provided (but not required) from colleagues and clientele.

Nominations are reviewed by the Fellowship and Awards Committee appointed by the vice chancellor for extension and engagement. The committee — composed of representatives of UMEA, Epsilon Sigma Phi, the University of Missouri campuses and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement — makes recommendations to the vice chancellor, who makes the final selection.


Submit nominations to:

MU Extension Awards Committee
205 Whitten Hall
Columbia, MO 65211


Award location

Award will be presented at annual conference or its equivalent (Galaxy).

Award recipients


2016 Robert A. Kelly
2015 Jennifer Schutter
2014 Todd E. Lorenz
2013 C Tim Schnakenberg
2012 Wayne Edwin Flanary
2011 James J W Crawford
2010 Travis W. Harper
2009 Karisha V. Devlin
2008 Eugene G. Schmitz
2007 Timothy W. Horton
2006 Sutro Wayne Shannon
2005 Scott Collin Killpack
2001 Mark Alan Stewart
2000 Jesse Claude Owsley
2000 Brent A. Robinson
1999 Charles E. Browning
1999 Matthew David Herring
1998 Gerald Guy Bryan
1998 Karla J. Deaver
1996 Melvin Brees
1996 Raymond A. Nabors
1996 Dean W. Wilson
1995 Kenneth A. Bolte
1995 Roger Lee Eakins
1995 Thomas L. Hansen
1994 Richard Wayne Clark
1994 Gary D. Hoette
1993 Don Ray Day
1993 Leo William Reber
1992 Eldon Willard Cole
1991 Harold F. Mammen
1991 Wayne R. Prewitt
1991 Sarah J. Swofford
1990 Tony Ray Rickard
1990 Donald Wayne Utlaut
1989 Albert L. Kennett
1988 James E. Garrett
1988 James E. Kennel
1986 Ronald D. Young