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County Program Director Excellence Award


To recognize sustained distinguished performance and educational contributions to University of Missouri Extension and clientele by a county program director.


The County Program Director Excellence Award has been established to recognize sustained distinguished performance and educational contributions to University of Missouri Extension and clientele by a CPD. The county program director is an integral part of the extension organization and their local communities. This award has a $1,000 monetary stipend as well as the associated recognition for outstanding work in this important position.


University of Missouri Extension faculty who have served as county program director for two years or longer.


Career demonstrates:

  • Effectiveness with county extension council in setting county program priorities and acquiring additional resources (grants, collaborations, etc.).
  • Creative, innovative and original office management. Development of a cohesive office among all faculty and staff within the county that exemplifies a strong team.
  • Outstanding leadership and management skills; providing service outside the county to extension committees, professional organizations, etc., and demonstrating effectiveness as a team player with other specialists and CPDs.
  • Community connectedness, seen as a major player by others by promoting positive working relationships between University of Missouri Extension and other agencies and clientele.

Nominations and selection

County extension councils, extension faculty and staff members may nominate an individual specialist. Letters of nomination from faculty and staff in extension should state the nature and extent of the service that the individual has performed that qualifies this person for this award, and how the work of the CPD nominee has benefited the county, the state and its citizens.

Nomination materials should include the nomination form, a three- to five-page narrative that addresses the award criteria and a resume or a curriculum vitae with a focus on how it relates to the award. Three letters of support are required. One must be from the nominee's supervisor, and the other letters can be from colleagues and clientele.

Nominations are reviewed by the Fellowship and Awards Committee appointed by the vice provost for extension. The committee — composed of representatives of UMEA, Epsilon Sigma Phi, the University of Missouri campuses and the Office of the Vice Provost — makes recommendations to the vice provost, who makes the final selection.


Submit nominations to:

MU Extension Awards Committee
205 Whitten Hall
Columbia, MO 65211


Award location

Award will be presented at annual conference or its equivalent (Galaxy).

MU Ext Faculty Performance Awards Nomination Form (PDF)

Award recipients


2015 Georgia Stuart Simmons
2014 Phyllis Ann Flanigan
2013 Mary Kathryn Dothage
2012 Rebecca J. Travnichek
2011 Cynthia E. Crawford
2010 Jay S. Chism