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Farm Leases

MWPS MidWest Plan Service - Free Farm Leases  
Cash Farm Lease (with Flexible Provisions) NCR-76     Crop-Share or Crop-Share\Cash Farm Lease NCR-77      
Irrigation Crop-Share or Crop -hare/Cash Farm Lease NCR-106     Pasture Lease NCR-109
Farm Building Livestock Facility Lease NCR-215   Farm Machinery Lease Form NCFMEC-23
North Central Farm Management Extension Committee Ag Lease 101  
Illinois - Lease Forms University of Illinois - Lease forms (Crop and Cash Share).  Lease forms are at the bottom of the page can be printed and downloaded in both a Word or PDF format.
Cash Farm Lease Form- PDF      Cash Farm Lease Form- Word   
Crop Share Lease Form - PDF    Crop Share Lease Form - Word
Pasture Lease Form - Word         Livestock Share Lease Form - Word
Iowa Farm Lease Iowa State University - Iowa Farm lease.  ISU Extension publications that include farm leases.
Lease agreements and forms
Iowa Farm Lease  Iowa Cash Rent Farm Lease (Short Form)    Sample Termination of Lease Letter
2010 Cash Rental Rate Survey
Custom Farming Iowa State University - Guide sheet and form
Kansas State - Leasing Leasing Papers, Land Rental Rates, Lease Decision Making Tools, Land Leasing Form, Hunting Leasing
Example Lease
Purdue Farm land Leasing, Crop Share, Cash Rent Recourses and other links
University of Missouri Guide Sheets G423, Flexible Cash Rental Arrangement      G424, Missouri Crop-Share Leasing Patterns   
G426, Farm Lease Agreement   G427, Cash Rental Rates in Missouri  G428, Customary Farm Rental Arrangements 
Lease Contracts & Examples for Crops and Livestock Cash Rent Contract - Word                      Cash Rent Contract - PDF
Farm Lease Agreement - Word                  Farm Lease Agreement - PDF
Fertilizer Spreading Agreement - Word        Fertilizer Spreading Agreement - PDF
Cow-Calf Share Lease - Word                   Cow-Calf Share Lease - PDF
Crop-Land-Lease-Agreement- Word           Crop-Land-Lease Agreement - PDF
Farm-Land-Lease - Word                            Farm-land-Lease - PDF
Lease-Agreement-Horse-Word                   Lease-Agreement-Horse-PDF
Farm Machinery and Buildings Leases Farm Machinery or Building Lease Form (PDF)     Rental Agreement for Farm Machinery or Building (PDF)

Equipment Rental Agreement (Word)                    Equipment Rental Agreement (PDF)

Ohio State           Farm Management Web Site Farm Rental Agreement Checklist         Crop Sharing Leasing in Ohio          Flexible Cash Rents                                             Leasing Farm Buildings and Livestock Facilities        Managing landlord and Tenant Relationships    Publications   Decision Tools
Tennessee Hunting Leases   Farm Lease Agreement
National Agricultural Statistical  Service (NASS) Cash Rental Rates 2010  for Missouri Districts USDA/NASS     
Cash Rental Rates 2008 - 2010 for Missouri Counties USDA/NASS

Cash Rental Rates 2011  for Missouri Districts USDA/NASS     
Cash Rental Rates 2009 - 2012 for Missouri Counties USDA/NASS

University of Missouri Cash Rent Survey 2011 Cash Rent Survey
2011 Cash Rent Survey by Districts
Missouri Farm Land Values and Cash Rental Rates based on Ag Lender Survey 2012 November/December 2012 Estimates of Farmland Values and Rental Rates
SEMO 2012 Estimates of Farmland Values and Rental Rates
University of Missouri Agriculture Economics Survey Land Values in Missouri Historical Missouri Farm Land Values Opinion Survey
USDA Farm Real Estate and Buildings Values Average Farm Real Estate land and Buildings per Acre USDA
Legal Issues Involving Farm Leases  Agriculture Law Issues for Missourians - Terminating Verbal Farm Leases
Missouri Revised Statues on Landlords and Tenants
Missouri Revised Statues on Landlords and Tenants - Tenancy from year to year how to terminate
Verbal Farm Agreements under Missouri Law
Legal Aspects of Farm Leases under Missouri Law
Farm Lease Agreements - What is important and Why
Nebraska Cash Leasing with Integrity  
Nebraska Land Values and Cash Rent
Livestock Leases University of Missouri Beef Lease/Share Resources         Beef Cow Share Arrangements - Iowa State University
Cow-Calf Share Lease Agreement             Cow -Share Leasing 4 State Beef Conference
Leasing Beef Cows for a Profit - North Dakota State               Beef Cow Share Lease Agreements
KSU Livestock Share Arrangements       OSU Livestock Lease Arrangements
University of Missouri Extension Guides on Rents, Leases and Land Values

G302, 2012 Custom Rates for Farm Services in Missouri   G423, Flexible Cash Rental Arrangement
G424, Missouri Crop-Share Leasing Patterns  G426, Farm Lease Agreement
G427, 2011 Cash Rental Rates in Missouri  G428, Customary Farm Rental Arrangements
G520, Verbal Farm Rental Agreements Under Missouri Law   G530, Rental Agreements for Irrigated Land 
G403, Farm Land Values in Missouri Counties      G429, Leasing Farm Equipment



Crop Insurance

Kansas State University  Crop Insurance Materials
Illinois Crop Insurance Materials and Calculators
Iowa State  Crop Insurance Materials
Risk Management Agency (RMA)

The role of USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) is to help producers manage their business risks through effective, market-based risk management solutions.   Actuarial Information Browser

Purdue  Prevented Planting      Economics of Prevented Planting    


Farm Building Plans

MWPS MidWest Plan Service - Building Plans
Kentucky - Building Plans Kentucky Farm Building - Livestock, Horticulture, House, Pole Barns, Etc.
Tennessee The Agriculture Building and Equipment Plan List
North Dakota Building and Facilities Plans
Ohio State Farm Buildings and Facilities
Mississippi State Building and Facilities Plans
Mississippi State Poultry, Quail and Rabbit Housing Plans
Missouri 4-H Raising Rabbits for Beginner - Includes Building Plans
Virginia Tech Small Scale Poultry Housing
Missouri Alternatives Center Click in the Alphabetic listing for resources
NRAES Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Services - Variety of books written and reviewed by Land Grant University Faculty
Iowa State University - Free MWPS Plans Use the Links on the Left side of Screen - Beef, Dairy, Framing, Utility, Hay, Grain, Machinery, Milk houses, Parlors, Sheep, Swine, Trusses, and Miscellaneous Plans
Canada Plan Services Canada Plan Service
Missouri Farm Building Publications


Missouri Fence Laws

Missouri Fence Law Concerns - Optional Fence Law for Northern Missouri counties
(PDF - Format)
Fencing in Missouri
(PDF - Format)
MU Guide Sheet - Missouri Fencing and Boundary Laws Missouri State Statute on Fencing and Enclosures
What Can I do When Adverse Weather Ruins my Fences?
Formats - PDF     Word
Posting Land Against Trespassers:  Signs or Purple Paint in Missouri    


Missouri Trespass Laws

Posting Land Against Trespassers:  Signs or Purple Paint in Missouri Criminal Trespass in Missouri

Power Point Presentation

Missouri Criminal Trespass Laws Trespass in the First Degree
Posting Property Against Trespassers Trespass in the Second Degree    



Agriculture Risk, Farm Business Plan, & Financial Management

The Farm Gate Good source of information from the University of Illinois
KSU - Risk
Kansas State University - Risk Management
Ag Risk Library University of Minnesota
Iowa State Farm Economics Leases, Marketing, Management
Ohio State - Extension Farm Management Ohio State Extension Farm Management
Farm.doc University of Illinois - Financial Management and Marketing
RMA Risk Management Agency - USDA
Purdue University Measuring and Analyzing Farm Financial Performance
Ag Decision Maker Ag Decision Maker is a decision-oriented agricultural business web site designed for farmers, lenders, farm managers, agriculture instructors from Iowa State University. Excellent source for Spreadsheets
BERM BERM (Business Environmental Risk Management) is an educational program from the University of Missouri designed to help crop and livestock producers understand and manage their potential environmental risks.
Ohioline Excellent source of Guide Sheets from Ohio State University
Iowa State Farm Management Guide Sheets
Kansas State Farm Management Guide Sheets
Virginia Tech Farm Management Guide Sheets
Purdue University Agriculture Economics publications, farm management, market Outlook, and a good source of information on Ag Econ. from Purdue
Ag Marketing Resource Center Writing a Value-Added Business Plan
Iowa State Key Points in Writing a Business Plan  Whole Farm Decisions
Kansas State Building a Business Plan for Your Farm: Important First Steps
Virginia Tech Business Planning
Purdue Writing a business plan
Oklahoma State University Guide Sheets Developing a Business Plan for Value-Added Agriculture Products
Texas A&M University Developing Business Plans for Agricultural Producers Curriculum
University of Minnesota Ag Plan
Missouri Designing a Farm Resume
Missouri Business. Net Business Plans
NE Missouri Farm Management Newsletter NE Missouri Farm Management Newsletter
Ohio State Starting, Organizing and Managing an LLC for a Farm Business
University of Nebraska Crops and Farm Management
Purdue Strategic Business Planning for Commercial Producers


Budgets - Crop, Livestock, Horticulture, Specialty Enterprises

2014 Southeast Missouri (Excel Spreadsheet)
2014 Southeast Missouri with Crop Rental Analysis (Excel Spreadsheet)
2014 Southeast Missouri (PDF)
Updated 12/24/13
Virginia Louisiana
Missouri,  Southeast Missouri Tennessee Mississippi   Budget Generator
Arkansas  Oklahoma Nebraska  Nebraska
Texas Illinois Kansas
Indiana Ohio State - Crops, Livestock, Ewes, Syrup  
Michigan Iowa State Crops; Livestock Spreadsheets Kentucky Spreadsheets
Crop, Forages, Livestock, and Vegetables
Georgia - Historical Printed Budgets  Budgets

Crop Comparison Tool  Spreadsheets  Print-PDF
Florida Alabama


Agriculture Farm Taxes, Estate Planning, Ag Law, and Farm Accounting

Ag Tax Tidbits A good source of tax and estate planning information for farmers by Parman Green, Farm Business Management Specialist with University of Missouri Extension
Farm Labor Taxes for 2011 Many farmers only hire part-time employees or hire help for special projects.  Keeping current on labor tax regulations can be especially difficult for these farmers.  The following is basic labor tax information agricultural producers should know. 
Farmers Tax Guide IRS Farmers Tax Guide
Purdue's Tax Planning Purdue's Tax Planning for Farmers
Agriculture Law Updates Missouri Agriculture law Updates
Missouri Law Issues for Missourians

Agricultural Law Issues for Missourians - University of Missouri

MO Revised Statutes Missouri Revised Statutes
MO Ag Law Center Missouri Agricultural Law Center
MO Farm Accounting Missouri Farm Accounting Resources.  A good source on farm accounting and record keeping resources available at the University of Missouri and other Universities.
Retirement Estimator Purdue University - A Retirement Estimator for Farm Families
Transferring Your Farm Business to the Next Generation - Ohio State

Transferring Your Farm business to the Next Generation - Bulletin 862

Transferring Your Farm business to the Next Generation - Fact Sheets

Ohio State University



Machinery Economics & Custom Rate Guides

Custom Rates for some states can be found on the USDA NASS web site.  Go to the NASS Web Site and then click on the state from the map or from the text. 
At the States NASS web site, go to publications at the bottom of the page and see if Custom Rate Statistics are available. 
Missouri Oklahoma Iowa State

Historical Rates    Custom Rates and Historical
Machinery Cost Calculator
Kansas - USDA   Kansas State Farm Management
Custom Rates PDF
Nebraska Part 1

Part 2
Michigan State

Custom Work and Work Rate Estimates

Georgia       2011 Indiana
North Dakota


Illinois   (Machinery Costs at the bottom of the page under Illinois Farm Management Handbook)
Farm Machinery Cost Summary
Ohio State
Kentucky Mississippi Penn State
Texas - NASS
Texas A&M
Arkansas - Estimating Farm Machinery Costs Oklahoma State


Farm Building Leases

Minnesota - Guidelines  Purdue - Calculation Kansas State - Leases
Ohio State - Leases    
Rental Rates for Farm Buildings (Table 4)- Missouri      PDF Iowa Farm Building Rental Rate  


Grain Storage and Drying

Mississippi State - Grain Drying Economics Wisconsin - Grain Drying Economics Kentucky - Grain Storage Systems
Computing Grain Storage Rental Rate - Iowa State Rental Grain Storage - Nebraska Iowa State - Iowa Grain Quality Initiative
University Arkansas - Grain Drying and Storage - Includes Grain Shrink Table and Equilibrium Moisture based on temperature and Humidity Missouri - David's Excel Spreadsheets on Storage Cost, Economic Retunes to Grain Storage, Grain Shrinkage Tables and other Moisture Calculations Grain Drying and Storage Tips - NDSU
Weight to Equal One Bushel at Standard Moisture Contents




Energy Assessments and Audits

Energy Assessments and Audits for the Farm and Home    



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