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Index of Farm Management Newsletters 



April 2013       PDF

Flooded Corn Fields, Corn Planting Decisions, Air Temperature and Wheat, Considering Warm Season Grass Annuals?, Herbicide Management in Soybeans, ACRE for 2013

April 2008              PDF Late Season Nitrogen for Wheat, Feekes Wheat Growth Stage Scale;  Too late to Lime and Ag Lime vesus Pell Line
March 2008           PDF Testing for Nitrogen in the Soil, Flooded Wheat Fields Management, Wheat Herbicides, Wheat Fungicides, Corn Diseases, Corn Insects, Johnsongrass added to glyphosate resistant list
Master Gardner Program 2005 PDF Sign up now for the Master Gardner Program beginning September 13, 2005.
August 2005           PDF Soybean and Corn Price Outlook, Soybean Disease Update, Late Season Insect Pests, Corn Harvest: Take Steps to Reduce Potential Aflatoxin Problems,  Soybean Rust Update, Palmer (pigweed) amaranth Glyphosate Resistance Suspected in Georgia, Determining the Last Irrigation for Soybeans
June 2005              PDF Soybean Rust Management, Wheat Price Outlook and Marketing Strategies
April 2005           PDF Soybean Management: Asian Soybean Rust, Soybean Aphid, Fertility and Nematodes, Keys to Soybean Rust Management and Wheat Management 
February 2005  PDF Soybean Rust Meeting, Wheat Spring Management, Avoid Sulfur Deficiencies in Wheat
December 2004   PDF Crop Management Conference and Distinct 7 Missouri Soybean Association Meeting
November 2004  PDF Regional Corn Meeting
September 2004   PDF Wheat Management, Wheat Weed Management, Wheat Insect Management, Marketing Outlook
August 2004 Determining the Last Irrigation for Soybeans, 2004 Wheat Variety Trials, Upcoming Field Days, Economics of Drying Corn, Agronomy Information, Seed Treatment Fungicides Labeled for Use on Winter Wheat
June 2004 Wheat Price Outlook and Marketing Strategies, Wheat Storage Management
March 2004 March 31st, Prospective Planting Report
February 2004 Agriculture Mailing List Update, 2004 Missouri Century Farms Program, Pesticide Private Applicator Certification & Recertification Training, Marketing Outlook and Policy Meeting, SEMO Corn Classic Meeting, Sunflower Meeting, Agronomy Web Site, EQIP Signup, 
January 2004 Agriculture Mailing List Update, Pesticide Private Applicator Certification & Recertification Training, Crop Management Conference & Soybean Conference, Wheat Management, Insecticide Treated Corn Seed, Avoid Sulfur Deficiency in Wheat, Crop Management Conference Agenda
December 2003 Marketing Update
November 2003 Wheat Insect Management, Scouting School, 2003 Missouri Crop Performance Soybean Trials, Wheat Production Meeting, Calendar of Extension Meetings and Events
September 2003

Wheat Weed Management, Wheat Management, Wheat Insect Management

August 2003 Estimating Corn Yields, Determining the Last Irrigation for Grain Sorghum and Soybeans, 2003 Wheat Variety Trials, Corn And Soybean Marketing
July 2003 Scout for Second Generation Corn Borers, Sorghum Insect Control, Diseases of Soybeans, Determining the Last Irrigation for Corn
June 2003 Wheat Harvest and Drying, Wheat Price Outlook and Marketing Strategies, First and Second Generation Corn Borers, Bean Leaf Beetle and Stink Bugs in Soybeans

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