Private Pesticide Applicator Training

Worker Protection Standards (WPS)

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Training

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Training

State certification

State of Missouri Pesticide Examination Schedule — administered by Missouri Department of Agriculture

2017 Recertification and Certification Program (PDF)

General information

Checklist for Commercial Pesticide Licenses — Certification and recertification (PDF)

Missouri Department of Agriculture — Pesticide Control: Certification and Licensing

MU Extension publication MP731, Pesticide Training Manuals

University of Missouri Integrated Pest Management Program

Pesticide Private Applicator County Database (Instructions PDF)

Missouri Certified Crop Advisor Program

Missouri Certified Crop Advisor Program

American Society of Agronomy

Missouri Dicamba Application Rules for 2017- July 13, 2017 Update  

Missouri Department of Agriculture Dicamba Application Rules for 2017