Management Intensive Grazing School was held on June 5th and 6th at the Schuyler County Nutrition Site

A Management Intensive Grazing School was held in Schuyler County on June 5th and 6th, 2015.  There were farm visits to the Gary Stump farm outside of Lancaster and the Delores McElroy farm outside of Queen City.  There were 11 participants that learned about a variety of topics including: Introduction to Management Intensive Grazing, Power Fencing for MIG, and Watering Facilities for MIG with John Turner; Livestock Nutrition with Zac Erwin; Economic Aspects of Grazing Management with Darla Campbell; Evaluation of Farm Resources and Grazing Calculations and Layout and Design of Grazing Systems with Dee Vanderburg; Cost Share Opportunities with Darla Campbell and Dee Vanderburg; and Forage Growth & Fertility and Fescue & Forage Quality for MIG with Valerie Tate.  The participants are now eligible to take advantage of the many cost share programs available to them from Soil and Water Conservation District.  For any landowners in Schuyler County who would like more information, please call Darrell Kearse at the Schuyler SWCD office at 660-457-3716. 

Our community gardening and Garden N' Grow projects are in full swing this year. 

 Several community members have taken advantage of the opportunity to grown fresh vegetables at the community garden.  Our Garden n' Grow program has 6 youth enrolled, they just planted their gardens on Friday, June 19, in rural Queen City. 


A Weatherization Workshop was held in Queen City on May 12


Severn participants attended the weatherization workshop to learn about ways to conserve energy in their homes and on their farms.  Some of the topics covered were:  Insulation values, caulking, water conservation, how to clean and maintain their heating and cooling systems, and how to look for and buy energy star appliances.