July 7-15, 2018

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Results 2018 (so far)

Fashion Revue

Ashtyn Johnson    Junior    Clothes You Buy     Reserve
Ashtyn  Johnson    Junior    Clothes You Buy    Grand
Nikki Gooden    Senior    Clothes You Buy      Reserve
Andi    Gooden    Intermediate    Clothes You Buy    Grand
Andi Gooden    Intermediate    Clothes You Buy    Reserve
Katie Miles    Senior    Clothes You Buy     Grand
Ashtyn Johnson    Junior    Clothes You Make    Grand

Public Speaking

Haley Baker    FFA prepared speaking      Grand
Cole Murphy    senior prepared speaking    Grand
Andi Gooden    intermediate prepared speaking  Grand
Taylor Smith    intermediate prepared speaking   Reserve
Karlea Bolser    junior prepared speaking    Reserve
Ty Murphy    junior prepared speaking    Grand
Nikki Gooden    senior extemp speaking   Grand
Andi Gooden    intermediate extemp speaking Grand
Josey Bartlett    intermediate dramatic interp  Grand


Grace    Ulbrich      senior general    Grand
John    Ulbrich      senior general    Reserve
Kyle    Aulgur      junior general    Reserve
Andi    Gooden      junior general(honey)    Grand

Blake Livengood  junior general(honey)  Reserve
Kaitlyn    Aulgur      senior working    Grand
Nikki    Gooden      senior working    2nd Alt
Nicholas Newton      senior working    Reserve
Ashlyn    Igo      junior working    Grand
Bailey    Riley      junior working    2nd Alt
Bailee    Vogel      junior working    Reserve

Dog Show

Taylor    Gotmer    Beginner's Obedience    Grand
Andi    Gooden    Beginner's Obedience    Reserve
Taylor    Gotmer    Advanced Obedience    Reserve
Grace    Ulbrich    Advanced Obedience    Grand
Ashlyn    Igo    Beginning Showmanship    Reserve
Andi    Gooden    Beginning Showmanship    Grand
Grace    Ulbrich    Advanced Showmanship    Grand


Sheep Results

Crossbred – Sr. Ram Lamb:
Grand Champion- Sophia Bolser

Crossbred – Jr. Ram Lamb:
Reserve Champion – Sophia Bolser

Crossbred – Pair of Ram Lambs
Reserve Champion Ewe – Tyler Jenkins

Crossbred- Sr. Ewe Lamb
Josey Bartlett – First
Sophia Bolser – Second
Sophia Bolser – Third

Crossbred Yearling Ewe
Vivian Buie – Champion Crossbred Ewe – Grand 

Crossbred – Aged Ewe
Sophia Bolser – First
Karlea Bolser – Second

Crossbred Pair of Ewes
Sophia Bolser - First

Hamp Sr. Ewe Lamb
Karlea Bolser – First

Suffold – Aged Ewe
Sophia Bolser – First

Market Lambs:
Class 1:
Sophia Bolser - First
Class 2:
Sophia Bolser – First
Karlea Bolser – Second
Class 3:
Vivian Buie – First-   Reserve  
Karlea Bolser – Second
Class 4:
Tyler Jenkins – First-  Grand 
Blake Livengood – Second 

Goat Show

Meat Bucks:
Grand Champion: Vivian Buie, FFA
Reserve Champion:  Abby Gass, FFA

Boar Does:
Grand Champion: Vivian Buie, FFA
Reserve Champion:  Hannah Viets, 4-H

Grand Champion: Abby Gass, FFA
Reserve Champion: Vivian Buie, FFA

Meat Goats:
Grand Champion: Hannah Viets, 4-H
Reserve Champion: Vivian Buie, FFA

Ham/Bacon Show

Grand Champion Smoked goes to Krede Kitchen
Reserve Champion Smoked goes to Logan Tracy

Grand Champion Non-Smoked goes to Levi Hinck
Reserve Champion Brayden Medcalf

Grand Champion goes to Kyle Gann
Reserve Champion goes to Braden Knipmeyer

Shooting Sports

Western Heritage 
Junior-Rim Fire: 1st Hunter “Scattergun Jones” Browning
Intermediate-Rim Fire: 1st Conner “Red” Newton
Senior-Rim Fire: 1st Nicholas “Wild Wiley” Newton, 2nd Connor “Bones” Grossenburg, 
3rd Chandler “Indian Jack” Johnson
Senior-Central Fire: 1st Kyle “Boy with No Name” Gann

Junior: 1st Abigail Muller, 2nd Chloe Anderson, 3rd Samantha Mueller
Intermediate:  1st Kapt Brandt, 2nd Dalyn Johnson, 3rd Ashlyn Igo
Senior: 1st Lane Brandt, 2nd Rachel Bagnell

Air Rifle 
Junior-BB: 1st Samantha Muller, 2nd Troy Mullins, 3rd Abigail Muller
Junior –Pellet: 1st Lauryn Pycke
Intermediate: 1st Kenna Lemmon
Senior –Pellet: 1st Kyle Gann, 2nd Nicholas Newton

Air Pistol
Junior:  1st Ashtyn Johnson, 2nd Lauryn Pycke, 3rd Bailee Vogel
Intermediate: 1st Blake Livengood, 2nd Jackson Hoey
Senior: 1st Connor Grossenburg

Small-bore Rifle 
Junior-Open Sights:  1st Brody Zimmerschied
Junior-Peep Sights: 1st Hunter Browning
Intermediate –Open Sights: 1st Corbin Zimmerschied, 2nd Blake Livengood,

Small-bore Pistol 
Senior: 1st Connor Grossenburg

Senior: 1st Kyle Gann, 2nd Chandler Johnson

Shotgun Intermediate:

1st Will Van Vactor, 2nd Blake Livengood, 3rd Jastin Behrends 
(With a 10 shot shoot-off for second place)


Rabbit Show

Makenna    Keller    Sr. Buck - Nonstandard    Grand
Brodey    Bartlett    Junior Doe - Standard    Grand
Brodey    Bartlett    Wool    Grand
Makenna    Bernard    Jr. Doe Non Standard    Grand
Makenna    Bernard    Normal White    Grand
Kylee    Bothel    Junior Buck - Standard    Grand
Megan    Plattner    Normal Colored    Grand
Megan    Plattner        Grand
Bailee    Vogel    Senior Buck - Standard    Grand
Bailee    Vogel    Senior Doe - Standard    Grand
Bailee    Vogel    Sr. Doe - Nonstandard    Grand
Bailee    Vogel    Junior Showmanship    Grand
Madison    Vogelsmeier    Intermediate Buck - Standard    Grand
Rachel    Wansing    Colored Rex    Grand
Rachel    Wansing        Grand
Conner    Grossenburg    Meat Pen    Grand
Caden    Bothel    Senior Buck - Standard    Reserve
Makenna    Keller    Sr. Buck - Nonstandard    Reserve
Brodey    Bartlett    Senior Doe - Standard    Reserve
Josey    Bartlett    Wool    Reserve
Makenna    Bernard    Jr. Doe Non Standard    Reserve
Kylee    Bothel    Intermediate Buck - Standard    Reserve
Jacob    Hall    Colored Rex    Reserve
Jacob    Hall        Reserve
Kamryn    Hedrick    Junior Showmanship    Reserve
Makenna    Keller    Sr. Doe - Nonstandard    Reserve
Makenna    Keller    Normal Colored    Reserve
Samantha    Mueller    Junior Doe - Standard    Reserve
Megan    Plattner    Junior Buck - Standard    Reserve
Bailee    Vogel    Normal White    Reserve
Makenna    Reid    Meat Pen    Reserve


Poultry Show

Jared Coyer    Large Fowl Std Chicken    Grand
Bailey Coyer    Large Fowl Chicken    Reserve
Logun Lunsford    Bantam Chicken - Std (Young)    Grand
Audrey Finkeldei    Bantam Chicken - Std (Old)    Reserve
Brock Boland  Production-type Pullets- pen of 3  Grand
Bailee Vogel    Geese    Grand
Bailey Coyer    Geese    Reserve
Ashtyn Johnson    Other Fowl    Grand



Tate Malter    Champion Angus Female
Avery Schroeder    Champion Chianina Female
Cole Igo    Reserve Champion Chianina Female
Rachael Bagnell    Champion Hereford Female
Shelby Bagnell    Reserve Champion Hereford Female
Bailey Riley    Champion Maintainer Female
Vivian Buie    Reserve Champion Maintainer Female
Gaines Branson    Reserve Champion Red Angus Female
Gaines Branson    Champion Red Angus Female
Grant Knipmeyer    Champion Shorthorn Female
Vivian Buie    Champion Shorthorn Plus Female
Kaileen Dohrman    Champion Saler Optimizer Female
Tanner Dohrman Reserve Champion Saler Optimizer Female
Tate Malter    Champion Simmental Solution Female
Ashlyn Igo    Reserve Champion Simmental Solution Female
Avery Schroeder    Champion Simmental Solution Female
Kapt Brandt    Reserve Champion Simmental Female
Taylor Smith    Grand Champion Female
McKenzie Dowell    Reserve Champion Cross Bred Female
Austin Knipmeyer    Grand Champion Steer
Jillian Vogelsmeier   Reserve Champion Steer


Kynleigh Fuehring    Champion CPS Mkt. Hog
Emma Sims    Res. Ch. CPS Mkt. Hog
Keelee Price    Champion NSR Mkt. Hog
Carson Price    Res. Champ. NSR Mkt. Hog
Olivia Loges    Champion XB Mkt. Hog
Ty Murphy    Res. Champion XB Mkt. Hog
Olivia Loges    Grand Champion Mkt. Hog
Ty Murphy    Grand Res. Champion Mkt. Hog
Bailey Boland    Champion CPS Gilt
Kendall    Brewer     Res. Champion CPS Gilt
Ashtyn Johnson    Champion NSR Gilt
Christian Thomas  Res. Champion NSR Gilt
Cole Murphy     Champion XB Gilt
Molly Malter     Res. Champion XB Gilt
Cole Murphy     Grand Champion Gilt
Molly Malter     Res. Grand Champion Gilt


Horse Show

Gage Davis      High Point
Karlea  Bolser    High Point
Gentrie Davis        High Point
Josey    Bartlett    Tie for Reserve
Ashlyn    Igo    
Haley   Baker         High Point
Dezera  Perkins    High Point