Plans and reports

2015 Annual Report-SalineCounty (pdf)

The annual report is a summary of the educational programming efforts of the Extension Specialists serving Saline county during the past year. Please review to find out more about the programs offered, the number of participants and benefits to our county!

SalineCounty2014AnnualReport (pdf)

Results oriented, this report describes how the county, its residents and communities benefited from the extension education programs offered in 2014.

2013 Annual Report (pdf)

2012 Annual Report (pdf)

Check out Saline County's return on investment in 2012. We are helping to develop healthier families, finances and agriculture.

2011 Annual Report (pdf)

University of Missouri Extension in Saline County is helping develop healthier citizens. Through physical health, fiancial health, family relationships, and much more.

Saline County 2010 Pride Points (pdf)

This document answers the question, "What have you done for me lately?"

2010 Annual Report (pdf)

"I had no idea Extension did all this in a year," is often the reaction to this report. Take a look!

2009 Annual Report (pdf)

You'll be surprised at all the different facets of Saline County Extension programming!

2008 Annual Report (pdf)

2007 Annual Report (pdf)

2006 Annual Report (pdf)

2005 Annual Report (pdf)

Template for Annual Reports (doc)

Available to other counties for download

Annual report development & public value statement (pptx)

The Public Value self-directed work group invites you to refresh your memory on why we do annual reports, how they can be an important tool for communicating with stakeholders, what to emphasize in annual reports, formatting tips and how to incorporate public value language to give University Extension a competitive edge.