Students and money

This web page is to congratulate you for the important decision to continue your education. We know that a quality education and a higher income go hand in hand. A quality education is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

There are many reasons students start college or a vo-tech programs but don't finish. What's the #1 reason students don't finish? Financial problems.

Resolve now not to quit, not to get side tracked and not to leave school until you finish. Learning about how to manage your money can make a big difference in reaching your education goals. Study the materials below:

Planning to go into debt for education

How much financial aid will you/your family be eligible to receive? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in April of 2012, released a new online tool it's testing to help families compare the costs of attending different colleges and universities. The financial aid online tool to help families estimate the cost of a degree at up to three different individual schools.

Managing money while you're a scholar

Mistakes even the smartest college students make (PDF)

When creditors are predators (PDF) — What scholar can afford these costs?

Get a health care directive and a durable power of health care document in place so your parents or another person you designate can help you and have access to health information if you have a serious accent or injury. Every adult needs to complete one of these: Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions (PDF)

Turning 18?  Some things about the law you need to know (PDF) — This is an impressive resource by the Missouri Bar that let's you know your legal rights and responsibilities. Legal issues are very expensive and can distract you from your studies.

Student Consumer Guide (PDF) — before plunging headlong into financial decisions, know the facts so you can make a smart choice. Your staying in school may depend on it. This publication is from the Missouri Attorney General's office.

Paying it back

Money Magazine offers important ideas about limiting the dollars you must borrow for education, managing student debt and paying it back. Student debt grows to alarming levels