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Annie's Project

Annie's Project I is a six-week farm risk management course for farm women, covering farm leases, legal issues, estate planning, marketing, insurance and finances. Annie's Project II is a four-week course covering crop and livestock marketing. These courses are held November through March. Locations change each year. Learn more about Annie's Project.

Ag Extension Information Night

Ag Extension Information Night is held annually in February in cooperation with the Putnam County Soil and Water District's annual meeting. Topics in agriculture, horictulture and home econmics are chosen yearly for their timeliness and relevance.

Farm Lease Program

This program addresses concerns related to farm leases, including current land rental rates and trends, legal considerations in terminating a farm lease, what to include in a lease, crop and livestock share arrangements, and recreation leases. The three-hour, evening program is held each September. 

Farm and Small Business Estate Planning

Farm and Small Business Estate Planning is a four-session program to help attendees to finalize their estate plans. Topics covered are who should be included in planning your estate, how property titled, choosing a professional, probate in Missouri, estate taxes, estate planning tools, and communicating your wishes to family members. Classes are normally held in January or February in different locations each year. 

Missouri's Complex Fence Law

Missouri has complicated fence and boundary laws that vary by county. This program discusses the differences in the two laws and how they affect you as a landowner. These programs are offered January through March and August through November.