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MU Chancellor Alexander Cartwright announces scholarships to increase access and affordability during ‘100 Days’ address

Scholarships highlight the university’s commitment to lowering the cost of education while encouraging children of alumni and those from border states to attend Mizzou


Nominations Sought!

Nominations are being accepted for the January 2018 election of the Pulaski County University of Missouri Extension Council members, according to Council Chairman Kent Burns.

Council members are elected or appointed to two-year terms and may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Nominees must be at least 18 and must reside in the district from which they are selected. Nominations must be made prior to December 14th.

We are seeking nominees who are interested in education and the progress of our community. The resources of the University of Missouri System and Lincoln University are available to us. We need active council members to help plan educational programs and to work with University of Missouri Extension specialists.

Nominations may be made through the council chairperson or the county extension center. Nominees will be contacted to secure their permission to place their names on the January 2018 ballot.

University of Missouri Extension offers educational programs in categories such as agriculture, home economics, business and industry, community development, youth development (4-H) and various continuing education courses, seminars and workshops. 

Information or literature about University of Missouri Extension programs is available at the Pulaski County extension center located at 201 North St. Waynesville, MO. 65583 and at our web site: http://extension.missouri.edu/pulaski.


Pulaski County Extension Council Annual Meeting – New Council Elected

Waynesville, Mo. Monday February 27th the Pulaski County Extension Council held their annual meeting at Phelps County Regional Medical Center Conference room.   Elaine Anderson, County Program Director, awarded community partnerships to the Waynesville/St. Roberts Senior Center.   The University of Missouri Pulaski County Extension was able to provide educational programming with the help of this partnership.  The council chair, Kyle Tallant provided an extensive overview of the programs offered in 2016.   Outgoing members Robert Neff and Kyle Tallant were recognized for their outstanding service to the council for the past several years.  Kyle Tallant and Kent Burns were nominated to the Extension Leadership Honor Roll for their continued dedication to the extension council.   New members elected to the council include Robin Knight, Keith Knight, Sandy Leinzmeier, Chrystal Lorah and John Meyers .   Other council members include Chair Kent Burns, Vice Chair Kathy Sasfy, Treasurer JoEllen Ferguson and Secretary Gwen Slone, Bob Hooper,  Butch Ferguson, Mark Juneau, Larry Helms, Pulaski County Farm Bureau representative and Eastern District Commissioner, Len Sharp.  The Pulaski County Extension Council meets the last Monday of the month at 5:30 pm at the Pulaski County Extension Office located at 201 North Street.  The public is invited to attend.  




Pictured Retiring

Council Chair Kyle Tallant


 Pictured Retiring

Council Member Robert Neff



Pictured Elaine Anderson and Robyn Pirtle

Waynesville St.Robert Senior Center


Pictured Kathi Sasfy & Kyle Tallant


 Pictured Kyle Tallant and Kent Burns




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