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Precautions to avoid frozen pipes

Temperatures hovering near zero could mean problems with frozen water lines. Read more

Bring a little summer into your home

Artificial lighting makes life brighter for you and your plants. Read more

Elderly at special risk during frigid weather

Elderly in poorly heated homes or those of low income may unknowingly keep temperatures in a dangerous range to lower their heating bills. Read more

Preparing vehicles for winter

Cold is hard on cars and trucks. Read more

Road ready

It's time to ensure your car is winterized. Along with blankets, candles, matches and snow shovel, don't forget the food. Read more

Ice dams on the roof can damage your home

Unwanted icicles hanging from the roof are a warning sign of ice dams. Read more

First aid for storm-damaged trees

Unless iced-up limbs constitute an imminent hazard, the best course might be to wait for a warm spell. Read more

Chain saw safety

Chain saws have become an everyday tool for a variety of individuals. Read more

Felling, bucking and limbing trees

Whether you are using your chain saw to cut firewood, trim trees or harvest large timber, you will be performing three basic operations -- felling, bucking and limbing of trees. Read more

Heating with woodWarm and toasty

Wood heats you twice -- when you chop it and when you burn it. Before you light a fire, get the information.

Safe snow shoveling

Experts warn that snow shoveling is not the exercise to use to start getting in shape. Read more

Stay in shape

Don't let desk jobs do you in. Read more

A healthy diet can help fight winter sniffles

These simple things can boost the immune system to work at peak performance. Read more

Common cold checklist

When you have a cold, use this checklist to decide whether a visit to the doctor is necessary. Read more

Heating system maintenance

In winter, a heating system can be considered the heart of a home. Your comfort depends on its efficient operation. Read more

Home heating in an emergency

At some time you may face a heating emergency -- when your home heating system is inoperative for hours or days. At that critical time you must decide how to meet the emergency. Read more

Home heating in an emergency for the unprepared

You've just discovered your heating system may be off for several days. It's cold outside; the inside temperature is dropping, and you have a first class emergency on your hands. What can you do? Read more

Winter power outages can lead to generator concerns

Use common sense when using a generator. Read more

Unvented kerosene heaters

Learn about safety considerations. Read more

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