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Earth song rose Select the right rose for Missouri

Roses are blooming, but it's not too late to plant more in home gardens. Read more


Few garden plants give as much pleasure with as little effort. Read more

Girdling roots

Don't plant that tree too deep. Read more

Gardens for every body

Looking toward spring, elderly or disabled persons can receive gardening tips in a virtual world designed to help. Read more

Oh deer

Spring landscaping may invite unwelcome visitors to backyards.Read more

StrawberriesStrawberry cultivars and their culture

Strawberries are well adapted to our climate, require a very small investment, and will produce a good crop of fruit about 13 months after planting. Read more

Get ready

A home disaster kit prepares families for spring surprises. Read more

A bell pepper adds color to the gardenColor your garden

Brightly colored bell peppers can decorate a vegetable garden and lend color and taste to the table. Read more

Spring training

Just as baseball players need to get in shape, this is a great time to start preparing our bodies for warm weather activities like gardening and yard work. Read more

StrawberriesGet growing

The vegetable planting calendar has the information you need. Read more

The cycle

Plants need nitrogen to grow, develop and produce seed. Read more

A newer, hybrid tomatoLink to 600k wav fileHome-grown

The fruit of hybrid tomatoes is meatier and seed cavities are smaller with fewer seeds. Read more

Use a pedometer
Use a pedometer properly

Pedometers can be a great motivational tool as you see your step count climb. Read more

Featured publications

Garden journal and calendar

This how-to guide and information resource provides a place to keep all gardening information, plans and notes together.