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Ag Connection

  • Monthly newsletter on current research

Green Horizons

  • Achieving the best results from your trees, quarterly

Integrated Pest and Crop Management

  • Biweekly newsletter on agronomic and horticultural pest and crop news
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Missouri Ag News

  • This monthly publication of MU Extension, is compiled by agriculture specialists in the Southeast Region of Missouri
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Missouri Commercial Agriculture News

  • Quarterly publication for crop and livestock producers

Missouri Dairy Business Update

  • The latest on production, government programs and other issues
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Business and careers

Missouri Business eNews

  • Monthly news from the Missouri Business Development Program about Missouri businesses and business trends, announcements about training activities and other offerings, and information on business or technology tips, "how-to's" and tools.
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Family and relationships


  • Bimonthly newsletter for east central Missouri families, individuals and communities

Lawn and garden

Garden Talk

  • Monthly newsletter for the garden enthusiast

Missouri Environment and Garden

  • Gardens, yards and resources, published monthly
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Quality for Keeps

  • Information for those who produce and preserve food

The Spade

  • This monthly publication of MU Extension, is compiled by horticulture specialists in the Southeast and East Central Region of Missouri
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News you can use

  • Northwest Missouri Extension news

Southwest Missouri News

  • Receive a free weekly e-mail of news specific to the region

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Featured publications

Garden journal and calendar

This how-to guide and information resource provides a place to keep all gardening information, plans and notes together.