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Guidelines to reprint or copy

The University of Missouri gives permission for individuals to print one copy of Web pages and related PDF files of MU Extension Publications for personal use. If you need copies for more than personal use, please follow a few guidelines:

First, consider purchasing printed extension publications. Revenue from print publications helps fund the development of new information, which helps keep this website up-to-date. Prices for printed publications are reasonable and the quality will be better than you may get by printing PDF documents or Web pages.

Permission to reproduce a publication

  • Permission for making two to 100 copies from any MU Extension publication or PDF file is automatically granted upon completion of our request form.
  • To make more than 100 copies of a publication, please use the request form and wait for a reply.

Links and use

MU Extension welcomes links from other websites, electronic newsletters and other media; however, permission must be granted to repost elsewhere on the Web. Should permission be granted, please include the copyright information and links as requested below.

Permission requests to repost or adapt MU Extension publications, Web pages or graphics will be considered on a case-by-case basis and a processing fee may apply. Please understand that such requests often need to be approved by various faculty and administrators, so may take considerable time to process.

Please direct permission request to:

Kyle Flinn
Enterprise Project Director
MU Extension
109 Whitten Hall, Columbia, MO 65211

All reposting of materials from this site must include the following:

Copyright 1993 to 2017 University of Missouri. Published by MU Extension, all rights reserved.

Following is the HTML version of this notice, including links to the appropriate authorities.

<a href="">Copyright</a> 1993 to 2015 University of Missouri. Published by <a href="">MU Extension,</a> all rights reserved.

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