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MP711, Pecan Pest Management: Insects and Diseases
Pecans have been grown for commercial production in Missouri for more than 75 years. Approximately 12,000 acres of pecans are managed commercially in three areas of the state: southwest, southeast lowlands and central Missouri. More than 90 percent of these commercial trees are native varieties; however, about 38 percent of the trees grown by producers who grow improved or grafted varieties are nonnative.
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AF1002, Growing Pecans in Missouri

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AF1003, Propagating Pecan and Black Walnut in Missouri
In Missouri, pecan and black walnut trees produce high quality nuts that are enjoyed by many people. These trees reach their full nut-bearing potential only if careful consideration is given to the rootstocks and cultivars used to establish an orchard of nut trees. To ensure top quality orchard trees, many growers choose to grow their own rootstock trees and graft those trees with superior nut cultivars. This bulletin will discuss nut tree propagation, from germinating seeds to grafting large trees. Updated in 2006, this publication gives a detailed description and photos for three grafting techniques: the three-flap graft, the bark graft and the arrowhead graft.
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