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WG1001, Understanding and Preventing Freeze Damage in Vineyards: Workshop Proceedings

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Understanding and Preventing Freeze Damage in Vineyards: Workshop Proceedings

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WG1001 coverMU Institute for Continental Climate Viticulture and Enology

The proceedings of this December 2007 workshop will be a valuable resource for current and aspiring producers wishing to understand freeze injury in grapevines and of special interest to those wishing to explore the available means of preventing this injury to grapevines and other horticultural crops.

The proceedings contain information on means of preventing freeze damage to grapevines and other horticultural crops under frost and frost/freeze conditions. Passive methods of freeze prevention in vineyards such as site selection, cultivar selection, pruning methods, and delaying grapevine bud burst through the application of oils are covered thoroughly. Active methods of prevention such as wind machine and helicopter use are presented, with detailed attention given to the design and operation of overhead sprinkling systems. The physiology of freeze injury in grapevines during both dormant and active growth stages is explained well. An account of the meteorological conditions that set the stage for the record-breaking April 2007 freeze is also provided. Data on the performance of many hybrid and American grape cultivars following this abnormal and historic event is included.


  • Grape
  • Vineyard
  • Freeze injury
  • Frost damage
  • Frost protection


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WG1001, new December 2007

WG1001 Understanding and Preventing Freeze Damage in Vineyards: Workshop Proceedings | University of Missouri Extension