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MWPS7, Dairy Freestall Housing and Equipment

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Dairy Freestall Housing and Equipment, Eighth Edition

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Dairy Freestall Housing and EquipmentMidWest Plan Service

This book is a must have reference for anyone planning dairy facilities; including but not limited to; builders, engineers, veterinarians, extension educators, technical school instructors, equipment suppliers, dairy producers, nutritionists, and other farm advisors. Lots of illustrations and photographs, tables, resources, and index.


  • Planning and developing total dairy facilities
  • Dairy replacement housing
  • Designing facilities for the milking herd
  • Milking center design
  • Housing for transition and special needs cows
  • Building environment
  • Manure and effluent management
  • Feeding facilities
  • Utilities


  • 232

MWPS7 Dairy Freestall Housing and Equipment | University of Missouri Extension