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UED62, Reviewed October 1993

Encyclopedia of Missouri Courthouses

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Marian M. Ohman
Department of Community Development

Trivia lovers, history buffs, architecture enthusiasts and good citizens alike will enjoy this collection about Missouri's courthouses. Missouri's 114 counties have built more than 360 courthouses, 22 of which have been included in the National Register of Historic Places. At publication, this was the most in-depth study of its kind in the country.

The book provides two-page summaries of each county. The parchment-colored pages and black-and-white photos emphasize its historical content. Profiles and photos of past and present courthouses appear alphabetically and contain information such as original cost, floor plans and historical events specific to each county. A table with each entry shows county location, how it was named, the date organized and the county seat. A bibliography listing books, articles, newspapers and atlases is included in each county summary.



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