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NRAES160, Revised April 2009

Money Talk: A Financial Guide for Women

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Financial guide for women Women have unique financial circumstances. They earn less, on average, than men. They may have employment gaps due to family care giving, which can affect their future retirement benefits. They live longer, on average, than men, so their money has to last longer. Of the elderly poor in the United States, more than 70 percent are women.

Money Talk: A Financial Guide For Women teaches women the basics of smart money management. In practical, accessible language, it shows women how to plan now for a secure future rather than one filled with financial worry. The book is a valuable resource for men, too, as well as extension educators, consultants, and human resources professionals.

Ideal for workshops and classes, Money Talk answers questions such as:

More than 45 worksheets help readers evaluate their personal finances, set goals for financial well-being, and implement a plan to reach those goals.

Money Talk is divided into five sections. Each section includes lessons that demystify important financial concepts and exercises that allow readers to apply the information. Readers can work through the entire book at their leisure or choose a lesson that addresses a specific concern. Several lessons focus on specific life circumstances, such as widowhood, divorce, marriage and cohabitation.



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