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MX947, New January 2009

Targeting of Watershed Management: Practices for Water Quality Protection

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Watershed management practicesCharles S. Wortmann, corresponding author
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Matt Helmers, Brian Gelder and Lois Wright Morton
Iowa State University
Charles Barden and Dan Devlin
Kansas State University
Bob Broz and Steve Anderson
Thomas Franti, Teshome Regassa and Patrick Shea
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Mark Tomer
Lyle Frees and David Griffith

Ensuring a clean and adequate water supply implies using water conservatively and protecting water resources from pollution.  Sediment, nutrient, and pesticide losses in runoff are major pollutants of surface waters in the Midwest.  This publication addresses targeting best management practices (BMPs) in watersheds or landscapes to maximize the impact of investments in water quality protection.  It is intended as a resource for those who advise on or practice land and water management.



MX947 Targeting of Watershed Management: Practices for Water Quality Protection | University of Missouri Extension

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