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MX381, Reviewed October 1993

Technology Transfer, From Researchers to Users

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Herbert F. Lionberger
Department of Rural Sociology
Paul H. Gwin
Extension and Agricultural Information

Change occurs inevitably; how does it occur and how can it be advantageous? Technology Transfer discusses in-depth systems and strategies the extension service uses to develop agriculture — how to implement technology and how it affects the social, emotional, demographic and economic structure of a society or social group.

Agricultural extension agents and professionals involved in implementing change can find thorough discussions in Technology Transfer. It contains a "mini course" in social structure and development, as well as how-tos for assisting societies with change. The subject is agriculture, but the theories and practices apply to many arenas. International development, industry, even those involved in company changes can benefit from the principles discussed.

The full system of development — from identifying with the current society and norms to implementing programs for change — is examined step by step. Hints for interviewing key people, information gathering and individual management roles for specialists are identified.

Each chapter addresses another step of this complex process. Some chapters include "Developing and Delivering Research-Based Information," "Applications from Diffusion Research," "Planning Communication with Small and Mass Audiences," and "Planning an Extension Program and Going to Work." The organization of this manual allows readers to find information that applies directly to the level of development they are involved in.

References at the end of each chapter, as well as an expanded glossary and index, are important aids for readers who want additional information or further explanations.



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